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The Tax Court in McCord found that, like the contingent reversionary interest in Robinette, the value of the assumption of a Sec.
A ground lease must be capable of being financed without encumbering the landlord's fee simple estate in the land and reversionary interest in the improvements.
Estimation of the market value of the subject property using discounted cash flow analysis required the projection of future revenues, operating expenses, annual net operating income, and reversionary sale price.
Naming that person the beneficiary of a reversionary annuity will not be expensive because of his life expectancy and the product can provide a great deal of protection.
These labs are responsible for such recently patented and patent pending products as terrorism insurance, 401(k) disability insurance and reversionary annuities, he said.
When the property is sold after your death, the home reversionary company will get a share of the proceedings, according to the percentage of the property you sold.
Reversionary schemes will not be regulated at present, but the FSA are to reconsider this position.
They retain a reversionary interest in trust corpus or income; has power to control the "beneficial enjoyment" of the income or principal of the trust;
On a more technical level Clark defines types of early insurance--contributorships, mortuary tontines, premium insurance and reversionary annuity companies--and chronicles the growth of such landmark businesses as the Royal Exchange Assurance Corporation and London Assurance Corporation at the beginning of the eighteenth century, the Equitable Society of mid-century and the Westminster and Pelican which appeared at century's end.
The property is reversionary and there is an outstanding rent review.
Unlike the terminal bonus which is a one-off paid at maturity, the bonuses currently under discussion are the reversionary bonuses' annual and irrevocable contributions into your account.
Stalwart Assurance attempts to avoid this by offering a reversionary annuity home income plan, which does not involve a mortgage.