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That might not sound large, in isolation, but represents just over a third of his 1997 reversionary bonus.
673(a) since the mandatory application of plan assets and accumulated income in satisfaction of the customer's estate's local law obligation to pay funeral expenses constituted a reversionary interest within the meaning of that statute.
Grainger Trust continued its advance following the announcement of its deal with Norwich Union, enabling Norwich to offer reversionary plans, where homeowners can release capital from their property.
Indeed in some cases leases of seven years or less are compulsorily registerable such as Discontinuous leases or Reversionary leases.
86m) reflecting a net initial yield of 11%, reversionary yield of 12% and a capital value of GBP 26 per sq ft.
The property has a reversionary rent profile with an estimated yield of 7.
The BLM is preparing an environmental assessment as part of a Notice of Intent to amend the Miles City Field Office 2015 Approved Resource Management Plan in order to offer the reversionary interest in the acreage by direct sale under the Federal Land Policy Management Act.