revert to the state

See: escheat
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It would be nice to have some statement that when the bridges revert to the state the toll will be X, or will be scrapped, so that we've got something to look forward to," he said.
Privatisation under court scrutiny In September, the Cairo Administrative Court ordered three privatised companies to revert to the State because of legal loopholes.
These boys might be doctors, scientists, professional lion tamers or golf pros, but standing there, watching the big truck tear stuff apart, they all revert to the state of little kids playing with Tonka toys.
Unclaimed property must revert to the state of the owner's last known address or state of incorporation if the address is unknown.
She said donors should be barred from targeting funds to a specific student and called for requiring that unused funds revert to the state treasury; she also said there should be an income limit on aid recipients.
The NYRA and Spitzer resolved that, at the end of a 30-year franchise period, such ownership would revert to the state.
For a while, it looked like operation of the lake might revert to the state, which lacked the resources to keep it open.
Designation for remaining funds after an animal has died so that property does not revert to the state.
If no agreement could be reached by June 30 of next year, the money would revert to the state.
The energy policy gives top priority to a BOO model under which power plants remain in private hands, second priority to BOT projects which are to revert to the state, and third priority to transfer of operating rights (TOR) for TEAS-owned plants, distribution and trading networks to private operators.
If children don't have fathers, they will begin to revert to the state of nature, becoming cartoonishly aggressive if they are boys and fertile if they are girls.
This legislation enforces a "use it or lose it" strategy, whereby all mining claims must be prospected within a designated time frame; otherwise, such prospects revert to the state, thereby creating ever-before-seen opportunities, particularly for smaller companies like Centurion.