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5) The eye can wander in an image of a miniature world in words, tapestry, or painting; it can take cognizance of its own penchant to move about and to mix revery and free attention.
The same endangered body that crouches on the edge of a bed or flattens itself against the covers can radiate strength, serenity, sensuality; the same face that belies a troubled inner world can lapse into revery or erupt into laughter.
We now endure fireworks from September into the next year and some people seem to use them fo revery celebration.
With school girls drying leaves between its pages come the pages themselves, their pinks, greens, yellows, and aquamarines, their map-lines, and names like the Ivory Coast and Madagascar--come memory, revery, the magic of names, and the pleasure of sound.
The cost of fuel is an issue fo revery consumer, not just the haulier.