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Parecio existir cierto exceso de celo en los cometidos que asumio Javierre con respecto a la organizacion del servicio en Castellon, hasta el punto de que el propio Lasso le envia un oficio en el que censura algunas decisiones que superan su ambito competencial, y concluye que es a el a quien compete mandarle instrucciones a Luis Revest. (71)
Equity can automatically revest equitable title (semble unless the transfer involved a formal conveyance).
(182) The ruling concluded that the transfer of assets to the trust was a completed gift because the settlor "retained no power to revest beneficial title or reserved any interest to name new beneficiaries or change the interests of the beneficiaries." (183) On the issue of inclusion, the ruling stated, "the trustee's discretionary authority to distribute income and/or principal to Grantor, does not, by itself, cause the [t]rust corpus to be includible in [settlor's] gross estate under section 2036," but left the door open that unfavorable facts that were unknown to the Service could alter the conclusion.
El Euro.NM, establecido en los 90, colapso al estallar la burbuja del Internet (Revest y Sapio, 2012).
("Once the term of protection ends, the works do not revest in any
Olivier Marin comenta la orientacion escatologica de los nuevos modelos hagiograficos, como el planteado por la Narratio de Milicio; Michele Fournie el uso de las reliquias papales en el contexto del Cisma, y Clemence Revest las relaciones de las nuevas corrientes humanistas con el papado avinones a traves de la figura del humanista Gasparino Barzizza.
Massa, F., Koehl, M., Wiesner, T., Grosjean, N., Revest, J.
We sit at a bench to rest, A small snack helping us to revest.
672(f)(2), to be a foreign grantor trust, either (1) the power to revest title in the grantor to trust property is exercisable solely by the grantor without the approval or consent of any other person or with the consent of a related or subordinate party who is subservient to the grantor, or (2) the trust distributions must be limited to distributions to the grantor or the grantor's spouse.
While a transferor who enjoys an equitable right of rescission has power torevest an equitable title, a transferor whose intention has been vitiated by grounds for rescission recognized at common law, or who is completely ignorant of the transfer, which is for some reasons effective at law, can revest a legal title.