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Oficio de Lasso de la Vega a Aurea Javierre para que contacte con los senores Revest y Corzo y Agelet Gose encargados del Servicio de Lecturas del Soldado en las provincias de Castellon y Lerida.
Equity can automatically revest equitable title (semble unless the transfer involved a formal conveyance).
182) The ruling concluded that the transfer of assets to the trust was a completed gift because the settlor "retained no power to revest beneficial title or reserved any interest to name new beneficiaries or change the interests of the beneficiaries.
While a transferor who enjoys an equitable right of rescission has power torevest an equitable title, a transferor whose intention has been vitiated by grounds for rescission recognized at common law, or who is completely ignorant of the transfer, which is for some reasons effective at law, can revest a legal title.
Revest M, Decaux O, Cazalets C, Verohye JP, jego P, Grosbois B.
The creation of a trust, where the grantor retains the power to revest in himself title to the corpus of the trust, does not constitute a gift subject to tax, but the annual income of the trust which is paid over to the beneficiaries shall be treated as a taxable gift for the year in which so paid.
If a person purchases a life insurance policy or annuity contract the proceeds of which are payable to a beneficiary other than himself or his estate, and he retains no reversionary interest in himself or his estate, and no power to revest the economic benefits in himself or his estate, or to change the beneficiary, he has made a gift of the contract.
A titulo postumo, siempre en lengua francesa, en una conciencia sostenida por su opcion de desnudez, se publicaran Couleur de bas revest tete de negre (1983), Ces poemes (1987).
Puis li revest en maintes guises robes fetes par granz mestrises de blans dras de soeve laine, d'escallate, de tiretaine, de vert, de pers et de brunette, de couleur fresche, fine et nete, ou mout a riches panes mises, erminees, veres et grises.
Power to revoke the trust and revest the principal in the grantor or in grantor's spouse.
DHC Revest, Department of English, University of Nice