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Saffron, St John's Road, Waterloo Reviewer Gerard S said: "Excellent food service and atmosphere.
The format in clinical articles will vary based on the subject matter, but the reviewer will ensure completeness of what the author intended to address in the manuscript.
Reviewers praise the restaurant for its friendly service, lovely atmosphere and tasty food.
The reviewer must undergo additional "high-quality" training in the must-select industry.
The lay reviewer had no intention of returning to HIW as a volunteer.
3) For example, if a manuscript far exceeds the word count allowed by the journal, the reviewer may recommend that the authors either substantially reduce the word count, or submit to another publication that will accept longer papers.
We are looking for reviewers for both content and usability.
We initially created a short-list of reviewers based on these criteria.
The reviews were honest and they learned a great deal from the reviewer feedback,” remarked Pollen-8's COO Kelly Nowlin.
University and government), their submission cannot be handled by US-based editors, US Elsevier staff, US reviewers, or any US citizens based outside of the US.
Likewise there have been instances where disagreement of author to the comments of reviewer was for warded as such to the reviewers.
13 In a randomized trial, there was a significant positive effect on the quality of the published ar ticle when a statistical review was introduced along with a field specialty review in comparison to only suggesting the use of a reporting guideline to a specialty reviewer.