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Through the Reviewer Recognition platform, Elsevier reviewers already have access to a personal review profile page in which they can view their Elsevier journal review history.
The lay reviewer had no intention of returning to HIW as a volunteer.
3) For example, if a manuscript far exceeds the word count allowed by the journal, the reviewer may recommend that the authors either substantially reduce the word count, or submit to another publication that will accept longer papers.
We initially created a short-list of reviewers based on these criteria.
The reviews were honest and they learned a great deal from the reviewer feedback,” remarked Pollen-8's COO Kelly Nowlin.
Lot 3 - Representational Mediators - Senior Reviewers.
I enjoy being a reviewer because you get to read books you might not normally read.
You can bring a potentially fresh viewpoint, can help in literature searches comparing the submitted work to previous studies, can help translate criticisms into constructive comments, and can even balance any potential reviewer bias that could arise.
Alison Clark-Jenkins, Arts Council England's North East regional director, said: "I am very pleased Arts Council is supporting the talented young people that make up the Chronicle's Young Reviewers.
We are investing resources so that new device reviewers at CDRH are equipped to handle the range of issues that arise during premarket device reviews," said Jeffrey Shuren, M.
Therefore the potential reviewer must consider two things.
Peer review is an essential public service that we must perform so as to maintain the highest quality of scholarship possible entering the canon of our field," said Ann Moore, PhD, an AJPH peer reviewer who was named the 2010 reviewer of the year for the Journal.