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To reexamine judicially or administratively; a judicial reconsideration for purposes of correction, for example, the examination of a case by an appellate court.

A bill of review is a proceeding in Equity instituted for the purpose of reversing or correcting the prior judgment of the trial court after the judgment has become final.

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n. the judicial consideration of a lower court judgment by an appellate court, determining if there were legal errors sufficient to require reversal. The process requires notice of appeal, obtaining a transcript of the trial or hearing at the trial level, obtaining all the pleadings and other documents filed in the original trial, preparation of briefs citing precedents and arguing that there was reversible error. Then the respondent (winner at the trial court) may file a responsive brief, and the appellant (the one appealing the decision) has the chance to file a brief in response to the respondent. The next step is oral argument (if allowed) before the appellate court. Appeals on procedural issues normally do not include oral argument. If the appellate court denies the appeal a rehearing may be requested, but is seldom granted. (See: reversible error, reversal, appeal, appellate court)

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REVIEW, practice. A second examination of a matter. For example, by the laws of Pennsylvania, the courts having jurisdiction of the subject may grant an order for a view of a proposed road; the viewers make a report, which when confirmed by the court would authorize the laying out of the same. After this, by statutory provision, the parties may apply for a review, or second examination; and the last viewers may make a different report. For the practice of reviews in chancery, the reader is referred to Bill of Review, and the cases there cited.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Reviewing the elimination/continence domain discloses the facility's overall approach to preventive treatment, and should be deemed of great importance.
In reviewing the proposal's effect on the convenience and needs of the communities to be served by the combined organization, the Board has carefully considered the entire record, including the public comments received and reports of examinations of the CRA performance of the institutions involved.
That moment outside the theatre stirred my already mixed feelings about reviewing Canadian movies.
(8) Specifically, efficiency is calculated as the percentage of errors correctly identified by the subject, divided by the seconds taken reviewing the workpapers, and sealed by 1000.
Ignoring the vast number of actual reviews published, an ongoing analysis of the literature has confirmed the existence of over 3,000 items (primarily books and articles) describing the process, recommending criteria for reviewers and reviewing, or providing analysis of the process (Sweetland, in progress).
Prior to the on-site review, the firm to be reviewed sends the following to the reviewing team captain: (1) a completed quality control policies and procedures questionnaire; (2) the firm's quality control document, if applicable; (3) relevant manuals, checklists, resumes of professional staff, etc.; (4) a copy of the last review report, reviewing firm issued Letter of Comments, and the reviewed firm's response, if any; (5) a list of the firm's audit, review and compilation engagements that includes for each engagement the total number of auditing or accounting hours, partner in charge, etc.; and (6) a variety of other pertinent firm and engagement related information.
These could be calculating a stock's basis; helping determine the basis of an asset that is sold; reviewing a divorce or separation agreement and determining taxable alimony; or calculating a net operating loss deduction.
Related to this, SAS 100 provides guidance to accountants reviewing a new client's interim financial statements without the benefit of having audited the client's financial statements in the prior period.
In reviewing the 1998 financial performance of large banking institutions, a number of general lessons on how, where, and why breakdowns in risk-management processes can occur have been reemphasized to both banks and bank supervisors.
In reviewing the citations, all a researcher has to do is click on a button or box to indicate whether or not the article should be retrieved for further study.
The Surgical Case Review Committee had been reviewing surgery morbidity and mortality cases for several years.
If the IRS and Treasury are forced to spend limited resources reviewing existing rules and regulations -- regulations that taxpayers and government alike have come to rely on -- that backlog will undoubtedly grow.