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Rokoff had been in to see and revile and abuse him several times during the afternoon; but he had been able to wring no word of remonstrance or murmur of pain from the lips of the giant captive.
Upon the edge of the swamp Du-seen and his horde halted to revile us.
But revile her as I might, despise myself as I might, I loved her--I loved her still!
A KID standing on the roof of a house, out of harm's way, saw a Wolf passing by and immediately began to taunt and revile him.
Upon these words a fire began to heat and kindle between them; insomuch that they began to rate and revile one the other, that the whole multitude therewith disquieted began to be set on a hurry.
They had no heart to grin, or even to revile me; but I believe they thought me gone mad--with fright, maybe.
And surely not bad men, whether cowards or any others, who do the reverse of what we have just been prescribing, who scold or mock or revile one another in drink or out of in drink or, or who in any other manner sin against themselves and their neighbours in word or deed, as the manner of such is.
Who, looking at it, could fail to revile the senseless modern fashion of dressing the hair, which hides the double beauty of form and color that nestles at the back of a woman's neck?
to rebuke and revile him, repeating often, that none but a coward ever struck a woman.
They wonder why I came not to revile venery and vice; and verily, I came not to warn against pickpockets either!
I cannot do the thing myself, for my traditions forbid a dying warrior to revile his persecutors, but the gifts of a Red-skin are different.
In the meanness of your nature you revile me with the meanness of my birth.