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My revilement of meat was produced by way of my first job, filling orders at one of Texas's most notorious fast-food stops, Bill Miller B-B-Q.
On a day when Pakistan defied international opinion with the test firing of a missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, India's foreign minister said Musharraf had ``engaged in an offensive and tasteless revilement of India.
Nor is it customary, even in a fractious tribunal, for the Justices to engage in revilement at a level as high as that evidenced by the majority and the dissenters.
Hoping to bring the girl to her senses, she recounts the cautionary tale of a neighborhood Sleeping Beauty (sleeping with the enemy, sleeping with her brother) whose dual denunciation, initially engineered by Marie-Marthe's mother (once for collaboration, the second time for incest), in turn incriminates society's revilement of "the other.
Now harmquidi in Old Saxon and hearmcwide elsewhere in Old English mean "Schmahrede, Spottrede, Verleumdung; calumny, slander," that is, the injury, revilement, or accusation of the innocent.
Far more convincing is Tong's argument that prostitution quickly became an organized business supported by patriarchal societies in both China and the United States and that racism heaped disproportionate revilement on prostitutes of color.
Once Hippolytus is assumed as the model for the Theocritean Daphnis, the First Idyll takes on a very different tone, and Daphnis' revilement of Aphrodite becomes "heroic resistance" by association with the tragic hero.
Commendable, for example, is the important lesson taught in the article on Antisemitism that the Jew is the exemplar of the marginalized outsider, objectified by religion and state, fed by myth and hate, and revealed in revilement, persecution, and genocide.
Nevertheless, the Jews were hated and sometimes killed for what they were; the mendicants, princes, and popes faced revilement and sometimes revolts on account of corrupt practices that clearly did exist, even though people may have magnified the incidents.