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This does not mean that every song and every moment of an artist's life must be revindication .
If logos in the form of dialogue, instruction and other kinds of discursive propagation and exploration of philosophical truth had long served for essential instrument, we find by the 1st century BC, according to Schroeder, a revindication of imago in its marriage with logos as appropriate to techniques of philosophising.
The major difference here is that Gil de Biedma considers modernism to be "una tradicion cuya supervivencia ahora estorba" (191), while Valente devotes the final two decades of his career to an unapologetic revindication of the high modernist project.
A form of positive individualism is afforded in a democracy when the singular experience of a woman can give birth to a collective form of revindication of rights.
The agent is as much the resurrected human subject of the violence in accord with the promise of religion so present as one dimension of the movement of protest and reclamation (hence the importante of Gerardi as religious leader) as he is public crier who articulates the demands for justice and revindication.
In his Entretiens avec Francoise Verges, Negre je suis, negre je resterai, one can find outspokenness, rebellion and claims for revindication that did not give way:
While revindication of ethnic or Indian/African-American rights and autonomy are central to many peasant movements, they are strongly linked to class interests and horizontal alliances with other exploited classes.
In relation to this it is important to understand what a tattoo is, when this practice occurred historically, what significance is associated with this milenium desire to alter the body with indelible characters, and how or why this practice is appropriate in contemporary youth cultures in which on the one hand the tensions between massification of markings on the skin of youth and the industrialization of anatomical tracing, and on the other, the production of a lasting juvenile alter ego, where the sentiment of belonging to a group, the option for minority esthetics and the revindication of the body as radical territory for the reinvention of ones-self, makes one feel his own mechanical power and vibration on the epidermis of the city.
Surfing" the web is viewed as a de-centering, empowering practice similar to the revindication of hybridity.
So it's an entire struggle, a movement of revindication.
But while a new generation searches lot what form the music of the bandoneon will take after Piazzolla's triumphant revindication of the instrument, there is one small problem: the instrument.
As a matter of concern, the claimants are of the opinion that the insolvency practitioners are hindering them rather than assisting them to get their 30-day goods back; also under CCAA, there is no provision for the return or revindication of 30-day goods transactions.