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It prevents us from really addressing the nature of theology and the nature of scripture, the fact that we all disagree about it, that there is no certain way of understanding it, the fact that it is human, and therefore revisable.
It seems patently obvious that a proactive, recyclable, and revisable course of action is needed by the individual to meet the forces and factors that are changing life and work in America today.
A recipe for success should include clear objectives, a revisable plan and a broad skills set.
Novadigm's prospective enterprise customer organizations are looking for solutions to distribute and manage revisable software and content that support the needs of their users, as well as enable corporate standards to remain intact, without having to purchase multiple products from several vendors.
On the positive side, the two-track approach would provide indexes for users with diverse needs: a never-revised index for those for whom revisions would impose operational difficulties and a second revisable index that would be the best possible measure of changes in the cost of living.
Just as power relations are reversible and revisable, so the difference/equality debate is unstable and endlessly contestable.
you need a real plan), easy to evaluate and revisable.
L'emetteur offre un taux de sortie fixe a 5,60% pour les tranches cotees (soit une prime de risque de 75 points de base), et un taux revisable annuellement aux alentours de 5,01% pour les tranches non cotees.
In addition, the SECURUS system presents a number of distinct advantages to alternatives currently available on the market, including: consistent, reproducible bone and suture retention strength, tactile tensioning of sutures (allowing the surgeon to 'feel' the tension in the soft tissue prior to locking the anchor), and a readily revisable implant system.
Since our understanding of their content can evolve, it should be presumed to be revisable.
One major difficulty with the view that scientific findings are "really true" is that, from the historical record, all such statements are recognized as being revisable, even replaceable.
With few exceptions, scientists today are not ontological naturalists (as creationists would have them) but methodological naturalists, dealing in approximate and tentative truths, compelled by their integrity to adopt provisionally any potentially revisable theory that covers the known facts.