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No obstante, senalaron que ese diagnostico era revisable en 2007, donde luego de practicarme diversas revaloraciones, determinaron que mi pension seria un asunto igualmente revisable dos anos mas tarde, en 2009.
It prevents us from really addressing the nature of theology and the nature of scripture, the fact that we all disagree about it, that there is no certain way of understanding it, the fact that it is human, and therefore revisable.
RE cannot maintain that such revision is unjustified since the response either appeals to the standards themselves, which is circular, or to some further standard, which is itself revisable.
On the positive side, the two-track approach would provide indexes for users with diverse needs: a never-revised index for those for whom revisions would impose operational difficulties and a second revisable index that would be the best possible measure of changes in the cost of living.
They are contingent, revisable, culturally conditioned, fallible.
Il sera egal ou legerement superieur, dans un premier temps, au taux moyen actuel observe chez les entreprises de montage en activite, et revisable periodiquement, indique l'expose des motifs accompagnant le PLF 2017.