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The revised regulations provide a somewhat more reasonable transition period and a slightly milder ongoing loss disallowance rule than the initial regulations.
The failure of the 1999 revised instructions to mention the new information requirement sets a precedent that should put taxpayers and practitioners on guard.
Primary income receipts and payments for 2014-2016 were revised to incorporate newly available and revised source data from BEA's quarterly and annual direct investment surveys and from the U.
Unlike current SSUTA Section 312, the revised version addresses a seller's actions when it is known that the product will be concurrently available for use in more than one jurisdiction, but the purchaser does not provide an exemption certificate claiming MPU.
The direct benefit test in the revised regulations will further complicate taxpayers' intercompany billing processes.
Many of the manual's sections that involve supervisory risk-management-assessments during a BHC inspection have been revised to incorporate, or reference, the RFI/C (D) rating system.
Guidelines for the Use of Antiretroviral Agents in HIV-1-Infected Adults and Adolescents were published in a revised document on November 10, 2003.
Revised equipment performance features include defining, developing, and maintaining election databases, formatting ballots, counting votes, consolidating and reporting results and maintaining audit trails; and voter feedback mechanisms to indicate under-or overvoting; and accessibility requirements for disabled persons.
In addition, two white papers were revised for changes in professional standards regarding agreed-upon procedures engagements.
In the minimal-corroboration condition, when there was no explicit incentive for management to misstate financial results, only 25% of the auditors revised their plans.
The MAIC also created a survey for the international community to elicit their views on what the revised standards should include.