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Oslo time), Alere AS Holdings had received valid acceptances of the Revised Offer in respect of 25,498,477 Axis-Shield Shares, representing approximately 50.
Undergraduate students then revised and rewrote their report.
revised SSUTA Section 312: Revised SSUTA Section 312 is similar to the original, with several significant additional provisions and more nuanced modifications.
The revised effective date is necessary to permit taxpayers to make the necessary changes to their data collection systems and otherwise to ensure compliance with the new rules.
Revised Part 2, Matrix of Compliance Requirements and Part 3, Compliance Requirements.
Under the revised agreement, which was to be submitted to the new federal cabinet for approval on March 31, the maximum Anglican contribution would be $15.
The section "Consolidated Capital--Examiner's Guidelines for Assessing the Capital Adequacy of BHCs" and the section "Consolidated Capital--Leverage Measure" were revised to incorporate the February 28, 2005 (published March 10, 2005), revision of the definition of tier 1 capital under the Board's risk-based and leverage capital rules for BHCs.
She explained, "The revised standards are one important component of the voting process, not its panacea.
Formulate revised e-strategy, e-initiatives, and e-implementation steps.
Standards are being revised to improve safety and efficiency in mine action by providing guidance, by establishing principles and, in some cases, by defining international requirements and specifications.
And, acting contrary to Vatican instructions, three religious orders (Dominicans, Benedictines, and Sisters of Mercy) are using ICEL translations in their recently revised Liturgy of the Hours, also called the Divine Office.