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There is no reason whatever to consider that Wilson did anything other than to use Latham's name Sylvia pinus in a restricted sense to apply solely to the Pine Warbler, thereby becoming first reviser.
Justice Stevens believed that "a more plausible explanation" was that "the reviser was, in fact, correct.
Dr Mohie a propose la formation d'un comite d'experts juridiques impartiaux afin de reviser les articles de la Constitution.
The names of these firms and services will remain anonymous as is required by Canada's policy on ethics in research involving humans, but suffice it to say that all services have least twenty-five full-time employees, the majority of whom are language professionals (translators, revisers, proofreaders, etc.
Nevertheless, the stylistic characteristics outlined above are very distinctive, and it will be my contention in this article that the frequency of their occurrence in Robert of Gloucester's Chronicle makes it likely that the SEL reviser in question was responsible for this work also, and that it may therefore be possible to identify him as `Robert of Gloucester'.
Higgins finds Writing Reviser particularly valuable.
Democratie signifie indulgence Reviser les positions L'Armee ne veut pas le pouvoir La conjoncture egyptienne preoccupe certes.
In fact, Sams's forty-two pages of proposed canonical links - arranged alphabetically with each entry linked concurrently to several texts - lend to the idea that Shakespeare did not write his plays linearly from first line to last, nor did he produce one text after another chronologically, but instead that he was a reviser, who constantly thought in terms of joining together discrete elements from all his texts, thus creating what can best be called a hypertextual - yet cohesive - narrative to his composing process, a method in which he displayed any number of relationships at once.
The Writing Reviser is an automated writing coach providing extensive feedback on everything from verb selection to sentence construction.
Le gouvernement envisage de reviser, dans les prochaines annees, sa politique de subvention des prix de facon a ce qu'elle cible les categories sociales qui en ont le plus besoin, a affirme, hier, le ministre des Finances, Abderrahmane Benkhelfa.
Que ce soit en solo ou en trinome, dans les lieux publics ou chez soi, tous les candidats partagent le meme but: reviser pour parvenir a assimiler tout le programme avant le jour J.
In contrast, a translator with a Reviser profile is one who reviews the target text more than six times in the revision phase, producing mainly P2 and P3 macro translation units instead of P1 macro translation units.