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The rationale behind this practice is that exact and full matches--and in some cases substantial fuzzy matches--have been translated and validated by other professional, reliable translators and revisers, and that these translations have already been delivered to a satisfied client; in other words, why reinvent the wheel?
The lessons allow students to see drafts in process, observe what a reviser does, and compare their own revisions of the same text.
NB to parents of reluctant revisers, this is a great way to encourage your children to learn).
The thesis of this splendid book is that, in the mid- to late 20th century, the revisers of the liturgy (Roman Catholic, Anglican, and others) were inspired to restore the ancient liturgies of Holy Week because they appeal to the contemporary concern for suffering.
And of course it's important to feed the revisers well.
Over the years six authors and revisers have been responsible for its contents; the fourth and the current fifth editions are the work of Douglas Kyle, who had a long and distinguished career at Merritt College in Oakland.