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Ideological revisionism very often goes hand in hand with historical revisionism.
This may perhaps be described as "post-revisionist"; it can hardly be regarded as undifferentiated revisionism.
Sweeping generalisations and suspicious revisionism are on the agenda, as the case is made for glory days in the mid-90s when British pop culture ruled the world.
Follett's revisionism depends upon a reconfiguration of extant work.
problems in American literary studies" (544); in fact, Quicksand is highly self-conscious of its own theory of spatial revisionism.
Anyone who believes that David Weinstein was merely stating the obvious in his essay, "The Fallacy of Camp David Revisionism," (Midstream, November 2001) refuting the claims that the Israelis and Palestinians were equally to blame for the collapse of the talks at Camp David, does not recognize the impact that this insidious revisionism has had in media circles.
These obsessed Reagan supporters, in a classic case of historical revisionism, see the Gipper's two terms as Camelot in America.
The Advocate sat down with her to talk girls, guns, and genre revisionism.
The meeting on Revisionism and Zionism was being organised by the US-based Institute for Historical Review, and the Swiss group Truth and Justice, whose director was sentenced to 15 months in prison in 1998 under Swiss law forbidding denial of the Holocaust.
A place to begin, probably, is the decade of the 1960s, with its radical spiritual revisionism set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, the civil rights movement, the first wave of contemporary feminist consciousness ("women's liberation"), a rising ethnic consciousness, and a series of demographic shifts that made Americans increasingly mobile and seemingly rootless.
In fact, some Religious Right groups are engaging in what can only be called revisionism.
My mother died in 1973, before the onslaught of Holocaust revisionism, which denies the existence of the death camps and attributes the memory of the Holocaust to yet another Jewish conspiracy.