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Critique: An impressive work of original and documented scholarship, "Territorial Revisionism and the Allies of Germany in the Second World War: Goals, Expectations, Practices" provides an insightful history of a previously overlooked aspect of German expansionism as a specifically intended outcome of the Nazi government and military forces of World War II.
Erik Ropers' essay attempts to connect the questions of revisionism to prevailing questions of gender: "how can artists (mangaka) address .
His final conclusion that both English and French revisionism resolved into a 'traditional, reassuring empiricism, and a no less traditional set of implicit theoretical assumptions' (p.
Special Cluster Essays: "Revisiting John Shawcross's Intentionality and the New Traditionalism: Some Liminal Means to Literary Revisionism.
Unfortunately much negative revisionism has taken place in many different contexts all over the world and has in all likelihood been practised since civilisation began.
In a footnote, Salerno expressed some optimism that the antirealist might be able to unravel that paradox and left the issue of whether they will be able to do so while still availing themselves of his arguments for logical revisionism unexplored.
In an age of historical revisionism and holocaust deniers, it is critically important that the personal stories of those who experienced it first hand to leave behind for future generations their struggles to survive and to combat the anti-Semitism that horrific tragedy.
Nevertheless, I want to take advantage of this characterization to show the trouble with revisionism from the standpoint of a putative revisionist, referring back to my original account as a sort of measure of what the challenge to an older scholarship actually represented.
One of the defining characteristics of this so-called revisionism is the belated recognition that there were people in the old West other than white men squinting into the sunlight while shooting white men dressed in red body make-up and feathers.
Those who think Romney's audacious revisionism might actually hurt him should recall another quote: "The larger point is, and the fundamental question is, did Saddam Hussein have a weapons program?
Heller attempts to demonstrate that the French Revolution was both bourgeois and capitalist, and that revisionism is the Cold War version of a reactionary analysis that stretches back to Edmund Burke.
Engaging in a bit of revisionism, Chu tells reporters, "Force expansion, capability expansion, has been a constant of the current administration's effort .