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The negative reports led the legislature to bypass the Air Resources Board in ensuing deliberations, listening instead to revisionist voices such as Charney and Lave.
It is difficult to see how picking off small frontier states, through either aggression or accommodation, would substantially augment the power of a revisionist state.
Marston's Revisionist Craft Lager is golden in colour and pours with a thick, foamy white head.
Napoleon once pithily remarked that history is but a fable agreed upon and whilst we who profess to teach the subject might hope to disagree, the cycle of revisionist and re-revisionist and neo-revisionist thinking is pretty much constant.
Despite its dismissive treatment of social and revisionist history, Khlevniuk's book offers unparalleled detail and breadth.
A second wave of revisionist works in history began to appear in the late 1970s and the 1980s.
A concept largely created by the political scientist and leading Carter revisionist, Charles O.
For example, the author points out the role of revisionist Catholic doctrine in shaping the Democratic Party's Ahab-like obsession with abortion-on-demand, but does not explain why the party--and its deeply divided constituency--accept revisionist Catholicism in the first place.
It will be interesting to see if ABC/ Disney, which [airs The View and] refused to censor historical revisionist lies about September 11 [in its The Path to 9 / 11 miniseries], now tries to censor Rosie for simply telling the truth about intolerance.
The Jewish Radical Right: Revisionist Zionism and Its Ideological Legacy, by Eran Kaplan.
Cinderella never got a suaver prince than Marcelo Gomes, here with a glamorous Julie Kent in James Kudelka's quirky, revisionist version of the ballet.
While the controversy over the NASM exhibit is the book's central focus, the authors also present an outstanding, well-argued critique of the revisionist historians from whom the NASM curators drew their inspiration for the original exhibit and their version of this event.