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It provides the fullest account to date of Revisionist Zionists' energetic efforts to alert the American public to European Jewry's desperate plight.
In the quarter century since his tenure, however, his global diplomatic activism and high-profile post-presidency has pushed revisionists to take a second look.
In each case, the authors convincingly argue that the conclusions of the revisionist historians about the use of the atomic bombs are based on hindsight, the particular agenda of these historians, and/or speculative reasoning that goes beyond reasonableness.
A falling out was inevitable, and by 1923 the Revisionists left the Executive.
This argument is the strongest the revisionists have.
As the revisionists plow ahead, sometimes one wants to ask, "Have you no sense of decency, folks, at long last?
Like orthodox Marxists who pick apart mainstream economics and anthropology as the creations of "bourgeois ideology" or Frenchified academic post-modernists who "deconstruct" knowledge in a similar fashion, revisionist ideologues seek to expose "the facts" as nothing more than the spin of experts blinded by their own unacknowledged biases.
This is revisionist history that relies in important ways on the (social) psychological dimension of conflict relating to "displaced violence"(p.
Ibn Warraq's work represents scholarship of the revisionist camp, bringing together sixteen essays and articles dealing with aspects of the critical study of the life of Muhammad.
Robert Laffont, publisher of France's leading reference book 'Quid', is facing potential fines for citing revisionist Holocaust figures.
Now, however, Frank Lessiter at Lessiter Publications in Wisconsin has some revisionist thinking.
The European Commission (EC) has also unveiled the "Princip Project," described as "a multilingual system for detecting racist and revisionist documents on the Internet.