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the court has revisory power over the sentence except that it may not revise the sentence after the expiration of five years from the date the sentence originally was imposed on the defendant and it may not increase the sentence.
The Ombudswoman and two foreign NGOs asked for the case to be re-examined by the Asylum Revisory Authority, who eventually granted him asylum, deeming it too dangerous to send him back.
The exercise of this, the most important and delicate duty of this court, is not given to it as a body with revisory power over the action of Congress, but because the rights of the litigants in justiciable controversies require the court to choose between the fundamental law and a law purporting to be enacted within constitutional authority, but in fact beyond the power delegated to legislative branch of the Government.
Despite the persuasive arguments presented, it was debatable whether the technical distinctions between an amendatory and revisory effort were of such consequence as to justify the court's ruling.
The new revisory chamber should more conveniently be named The Senate, and its members senators.