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Bab Al-Bahrain police station and old Manama Suq are also undergoing a major revamp in a bid to revitalize the zone and turn it into a vibrant trade and tourism hub.
Most economists agree that private industry must play a larger role in helping to revitalize our cities, and BEBE members applauded Porter's attempts to forge such partnerships.
With the presidential election approaching, this initiative is more relevant than ever, as we continue to focus on what we as a country can do together to revitalize America - from growing enterprise and accelerating job creation to strengthening our fiscal standing.
The city is investing $571,000 to prepare a plan and conduct the necessary environmental studies to revitalize Lancaster Boulevard and its surrounding areas between 10th Street West and Sierra Highway.
These apprehensions and WMA's commitment to addressing them inspired us to initiate ongoing conversations with our clients about what it will take to revitalize America.
1) Ed Banuelos, executive director of the San Fernando Chamber of Commerce, said the chamber supports the city's efforts to revitalize the business district and the San Fernando Mall.
While city and industrial activists are hoping to block residential conversions, two projects are in planning stages to revitalize Sunset Park and "reconnect" neighborhood residents with the waterfront.
McCann, Chief Executive Officer of UBS Wealth Management Americas (WMA), hosted an exclusive client event in Dallas, as part of WMA's ongoing Revitalizing America Initiative, which aims to forge common ground and discuss nonpartisan ways to revitalize the U.
7 million project to revitalize the West harlem waterfront.
Shape Up The Nation, the leading provider of social networking-powered corporate wellness solutions, recently launched Revitalize 2011, a campaign designed to help employers reinvigorate their employee wellness programs during the second half of the year through the use of social engagement.
The successful redevelopment of brownfields in cities, towns and villages across the state will help to revitalize neighborhoods while providing a cleaner, healthier environment for all New Yorkers.
NIVEA For MEN Revitalizing Q10 Eye Roller Gel harnesses the benefits of skin's own Coenzyme Q10 in an advanced formula to combat these signs of aging and to revitalize the look and feel of skin.