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Saint Vincent's future is extremely promising and our revitalized system is taking shape every day, on both financial and operational levels.
Even with Broad, there may still be more naysayers right now than proposed luxury suites and club seats at a revitalized Coliseum.
Already home to the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, the Seaport Hotel and the World Trade Center, the area symbolizes crucial physical, economic, and cultural growth in the city and links Boston's financial district with the revitalized Seaport.
IKEA remains committed to the residents and businesses in the redevelopment area and will continue to work to ensure that they are treated fairly, and the area is revitalized in a manner that is consistent with the city's plans for redevelopment.
The $339 million represents a broad coalition of public and private funding sources for the revitalized West 65th "Street of the Arts" including, for the first time since construction on Lincoln Center began in the 1950s, major capital funds secured from all three levels of government: more than $22 million in funding has been authorized through federal agencies; $30 million from New York State pending final budget adoption; and up to $90 million from the City of New York have been secured.
One only need look at the youngsters playing on the streets in revitalized neighborhoods in the South Bronx, Harlem and Crown Heights to witness the very positive results of the private and public sectors working together," Lappin added.
Capitalizing on its independence, Chairman and CEO Harry Sloan has constructed a revitalized hybrid business model that effectively blends MGM's historic studio system equity with streamlined operating efficiencies serving the independent film community and fueling MGM's distribution pipeline with quality filmed entertainment.
Luke's is a community hospital being revitalized, providing medical, surgical, family health and emergency services.
Formerly known as "Le Marquis" Apartments, the revitalized complex in the Levy area of North Little Rock will offer 210 apartments, 32 townhomes and a community center to working families.
The organization has revitalized over 65 enormous public schools and over 65 community centers, healthcare facilities, police precincts, and shelters.