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The franchises revived by the Pizarro division had been inoperative since the early '90s and had been officially declared dead since 1993.
As a way to take the next step toward reducing the tide of opioid deaths, some experts are zeroing in on what happens after someone is revived.
Let me give you good news; MMA has been revived with mutual trust,' he said during his address at a Khatm-e-Nabuwwat conference on Sunday.
The group had been dormant for about 10 years, but rising premiums and rampant fraud could see it being revived.
There is a sense of momentum if we look at the number of projects revived over the past three financial years.
However, the plans were revived after Donald Trump's took office as president, and Israel is set to make it public on Jerusalem Day in May, according to a Channel 10 report on Tuesday.
Now it is to be revived for a new set of shows which will see it switching stations to BBC Radio 2 from April 6 to 11 as part of a range of Britpop programmes on the station - as well as 6 Music and BBC4 - to mark the two decades.
LAHORE -- Legend film actor Habib has stressed the need for putting a ban on showing Indian movies in Pakistan so that local film industry could be revived.
It's great to see Black revived and given the chance to finally act, which he does with a flawless blend of comedy and tragedy.
But now that we have revived cricketing ties, the PCB has floated the idea of having a series between the two teams on the lines of the Ashes," he said.
Revived deals with first love, Governments testing experimental drugs on humans and the ethics of people playing the role of 'God'.
75) and we left feeling somewhat revived and ready to tackle more trouser and shirt options.