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In 812/1410 he ordered the revivification of Marv, devastated in 618/1221 by an army led by Chinggis Khancs son, Tolui.
Aftershocks ripped through Britain, no friend of France or its democratic disregard for rule, producing greater cultural than social effects: a revivification of the arts, especially literature, that later came to be called Romanticism.
We crushed in a mortar 25 g pectoral muscle meat in 225 ml trypton salt, after homogenization, we rested the homogenate for about twenty minutes for the revivification of microorganisms.
Success of resuscitation depends on the space of time until onset of revivification and on the efficiency of the techniques applied [4, 5].
of China, The religion of Islam is gaining the small-scale revivification and Muslims can build their mosques after getting permission from the state officials.
An illustrative example is Ligeia's case, showing how memory has an enlivening function, and that holding to a memory can disrupt the passage from life to death and vice versa, suspending time in the act of mourning, triggering intermittent comebacks in a "hideous drama of revivification" (Poe 2004: 135).
In the wake of the meeting, Rifi echoed sanguinity concerning the revivification of the city of Tripoli, especially with the highly credible individuals running the city's affairs.
It is revivification of knowledge and the response to growth of knowledge.
(19.) Most notably, Imam al-Ghazali's Kitab Adab al-Kasb wal-Matash (The Book of the Proprieties of Earning and Living), which constitutes Book 13 of his Ihya (5) 'Ulum al-Din (The Revivification of the Sciences of Religion); trans.
Given Quintilian's first-century definition of apostrophe as a mode of public discourse we may justifiably view Whitman's apostrophic tendencies as a revivification of ancient rhetorical persuasion especially when considering that the first language Whitman's apostrophic O generates is the Latin of Quintilian's rhetorical speech.
That revivification involved an "adoption by creative writers of the problems of the crisis of man" (pp.