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More contextualization--whether theological, philosophical, or socio-historical--would go a long way towards allowing the reader to situate the legal reasoning of these scholars in a richer setting: in al-Ghazali's case, both his case for divine voluntarism in the Incoherence of the Philosophers and the apparently contrary impulses revealed by his Revivification of the Religious Sciences would elucidate what Emon says about the Mustasfa.
In this revivification of a moribund institution, dance highlighted the bifurcated roles of BAM and its place in Brooklyn.
I have read the book by Cunliffe and Koch, "Celtic from the West", and as I read it, their conclusion is that while there are a group of "Celtic" Languages, that have survived from the Bronze Age, this does not imply the revivification of the simplistic concept of a people called the Celts.
Edge Lane now suffers by comparison with Liverpool One and the New Mersey Retail Park, in Speke, and is in need of substantial revivification.
And this, the revivification of the myths for the sake of discourse, made him one of the most influential thinkers since the Romantics.
In most of his sermons, Donne's powerful rhetoric aims to inspire listeners to ardent love and joy; for a congregation returning home with heavy hearts, however, Donne most fully articulates the purpose of tribulation in the soul's revivification of holy zeal.
20) Thus even as Cellini's name became a paradigm of metalworking skill, what one decorative historian calls a "measuring-rod of craftsmanship" after 1840, the story of his sixteenth-century life became a well-known nineteenth-century narrative that was translated, canonized, printed, and discussed under the influence of the industrial era's revivification and reconsideration of the meaning of workmanship.
The fate of all representation to fail in its effort to memorialize what once existed concerns Tim Bielawski as he explores what it means for Faulkner to associate writing with death in his most sustained meditation on the revivification of the past, Absalom, Absalom
They track the way Scottish family firms were acquired by multinational corporations at this time, explaining how "old firm names [were] becoming imprints within larger business structures" (297), and end with a final, qualified revivification of literary publishing with the advent of new small and medium-sized literary publishers (like Polygon, Mainstream, Canongate, Birlinn, and Salamander) buoyed by funding from state organizations like the Scottish Arts Council and of smaller niche publishers (as in the case of educational publishing, [329]).
attempted revivification, see Michael McConnell, Free Exercise
Each reference to edifices erected by Dyer, or rather Hawksmoor, is concurrently also a reference to locations understood as "centers of [secret] power", in other words to "the cultur[al] [realm which] went into retreat" (Glinert 2004: 286), and as such needs revivification.