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Among the topics are revivification of the hard alloys by shock waves, the application of new material and new technology in car design, the design and fluid structure interaction analysis of a micro-channel as a fluid sensor, enhancing productivity and overall equipment efficiency using the time and motion study technique, and a model of environmental problems priority arising from the use of environmental and natural resources in construction material sectors of Thailand.
Face a l'Etat qui persiste a ne pas reconnaitre cette journee pourtant fetee surtout le territoire par l'ensemble de notre communaute, qu'elle soit amazighophone ou arabophone, le mouvement amazighe se trouve aujourd'hui de fait investi d'une part de responsabilite liee a la sauvegarde et a la revivification de sa propre identite et de sa propre culture en attendant des lendemains meilleurs.
When Moten draws in Carl Dix; Dennis Morris; John Akomfrah; "Burningham;" Ronnie Boykins; Brixton, England; Juan Williams; Marvis Frazier; and Gary, Indiania, he does so without nostalgia, but in an act of cultural-historical revivification, and without rehearsing the stories and histories everyone has already rehearsed.
Post-military (6) Nigeria has also witnessed a revivification of the agitation for a restructured federal Nigeria among southern elites who had continuously decried the collapse of regionalism.
A formal legalistic (hiyali) fiqh divorced from its socio-ethical purpose {adab and maqasid) which it should properly serve is only a self-interested narrowing and corruption of the meaning of fiqh, which literally means "understanding," and this much we can gather from al-Ghazall in the first book of his magnum opus, Ihya' 'Ulum al-Din (The Revivification of the Sciences of Religion).
Child-protective rhetoric was also extremely influential in the success of Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Act, including its revivification by Speaker Rebecca Kadaga in 2012.
Both date back to at least the turn of the twentieth century and the revivification of a Buddhist political consciousness under Anagarika Dharmapala (1864-1933).
Despite my fathers and my best efforts at revivification, a shopkeeper would never emerge, and our fleeting fascination with the obsolescent scene would turn to frustration.
Hypnosis, which elevates the brain's theta rhythm, assists in memory revivification and the integration of fragmented episodic memories, against a background of anxiety reduction, empowerment and psychic integration.
Currie leads us through analyses founded on "typical" new musicology paradigms--while yet managing, simultaneously, to champion the revivification of aesthetic autonomy--all of which arrive at some point of negation, so that negation (^egregious political situations can occur through music.
The literary recourse to religiosity in turn yields a revivification of the Irish American talent for satire, as well as "angry third-wave novels" including Colleen Curran's Whores on the Hill (2005); Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects (2007); and Martha O'Connor's The Bitch Posse (2006)--in which sexually active young women (often appearing in threes, Ebest notes) drink, take drugs, shun their parents, and self-mutilate.
As a colleague reported to me the day after the symposium, the University of Illinois may have retired Chief Illiniwek, but it still sanctions and profits from the revivification of the mascot--from licensing throwback jerseys with the now retired imagery to granting space for alumni and students to celebrate their dancing Indian and even to have a place in homecoming parades.