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Thaisa's recovery next in the pagan temple of Diana indicates that hysterical disorders require rites of purification (regardless of whether the revivification be treated parodically or genuinely) before the patient can be reincorporated into her role in the family structure, as Hermione's sixteen-year absence also declares.
Before one can see Desdemona's and the Duchess's portrayals in a fuller context, I would argue that one need be attuned to the cultural emphasis of pathological conditionhood given to female sexuality in the period and to the imagery of hysterical suffocation (or strangulation of the womb) unmistakably underscoring the two plays' revivification motifs.
Desdemona's revivification occurs after she is "suffocated"; in the occasion, Shakespeare has a powerful model in the revivification tradition, with its requisite connections to rampant sexuality and uterine dysfunction, the death-like swooning that results from being choked by a wandering womb and the revivification that occurs after fits of the mother.
36) In Desdemona's final expression of will, the impossible attempt to take responsibility for her own murder, along with the imaging of the murder as a symptom of hysterical pathology and subsequent revivification, Shakespeare lets the suggestion creep in that the pathological state ascribed to female sexuality shares responsibility for her fate, however intolerable this view is for our own feminist impulses.