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A lukewarm Roman Catholic before his capture, he found strength as a POW in revivified religious faith, a story heard from others who survived the POW experience.
The condo is located within easy walking distance of the revivified "Ladies' Mile" shopping district of chain and specialty stores on Sixth Avenue from 15th to 20th Streets.
Nader has managed to bring together people from all walks of life to spark a revivified progressive movement.
While the first edition of this work appeared before the Miranda decision--a case that ushered in the modem era of criminal law--Criminal Interrogation and Confessions has been updated and revivified many times, most recently from its 1986 third edition.
For all that, the volume under review cuts a figure both stylish and substantial as revivified literary history.
Surrounding roads were there anyway, and traditional seafacing centres of cities like Boston and Baltimore had been revivified, even though they were partly cut off from the rest of the city fabric by urban motorways.
Theoretical perspectives explored in the five chapters of section 3 focus on "communicative action," "structuration theory," Michel Foucault's work on discourse and power, entertainment-education approaches in theories of popular culture and discourse, and a revivified "action research.
In the worst case scenario, our rejuvenated Romeos, their revivified manhood not properly appreciated at home, will go in search of newer-model Juliets.
For the editors of this volume, it is such texts that have to be revivified within our liturgy if our ecological practice is ever going to be nurtured by our communal prayer.
By so doing it will be revivified and become integrated into the mainstream of European and international archaeological thought.
A revivified industry will help not only exhibitors in China and Hong Kong but also in Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.
He was supported to the hilt by every section of the CBSO, especially a revivified wind band: Rainer Gibbons' plaintive oboe in the Eroica's adagio; that symphony's trio illuminated by the horns, superbly led by guest principal Alec Frank-Gemmill; Marie-Christine Zupancic's trilling nightingale in the Pastoral for example.