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For the UAE's markets together, within the Gulf's cocoon of liquidity and revivified business activity, it's ironic that emerging market status may now be beckoning (if reports of MSCI's latest, pending annual review are to be believed), as it's the frontier markets, UAE included, that have been delivering the most to investors in recent times.
Economy Minister Akira Amari blamed the plunge in share prices on weak Chinese data, and said Japan would hold fast to the monetary policies that have recently revivified its long-lagging economy.
And certainly, as one joined the other mostly solitary skaters to nervously negotiate the circuit, a revivified sense of community was not necessarily what came to mind.
Since the middle of Klein's Quislingdom, the PC Party has been nothing more than a revivified Social Credit theocracy as emotionally committed to restoring heretic burning as the perversion led by Ernest Manning and restored by Preston Manning under the pseudonym, "Reform Party.
But "A Cadaver Christmas" is a good 'un--a small, unremarkable but quite funny tale of revivified dead people overtaking a university building over holiday break.
His designs have revivified urban areas in Melbourne, Copenhagen, London, and New York City as well as others.
And that is enough to have revivified a slightly lacklustre season and make the rest of it something to savour.
The hypnotic procedure involved selecting motor tasks that would challenge each subject, then (1) imagined practice of the challenging motor task revivified from prior to the stroke alternated with imagined practice in the present; (2) imagined practice in the present alternated with imagined practice during active-alert hypnosis; and (3) active-alert imagined practice alternated with actual physical performance.
Voluntarist principles were drawn upon to provide for a revivified imperial Anglicanism once the old paradigm failed its supporters.
This religious heart of the city deserves the richer context that a revivified cultural zone would provide.
Throughout the book, Sugg does not give much consideration to the crucial continuities between Vesalius and his predecessors, other than asserting that Galenic humoral theory "was resituated and revivified by its association" with the "very new" rhetoric of the anatomized body (127).
It is nature revivified with beauty, strength, and freedom.