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I understand that before Christmas, residents from North Parade, immediately above the central promenade, discussed with councillors plans for an Arts and Crafts village which would revivify the present derelict site on their doorstep, provide a showcase for local talent, and draw back some of the visitors who have deserted Whitley Bay for South Shields (where, though the seafront has fewer natural advantages, the council has had the sense to maintain it decently and in the traditional style, replete with funfair).
But, revenues went down by 7 percent year over year, which suggests that advertisers haven't paid attention to CEO Marissa Mayer's attempts to revivify the company, including the purchase of blogging site Tumblr.
NEW YORK -- Manufacturers' responses to the diversity of hair types and styles and the growing demand for therapeutic products are helping to revivify the hair care business.
Morris became a producer at the NT before leaving in 2009 to revivify and run regional house Bristol Old Vic.
He praised the talent of the participants and highlighted the need of organizing such events to revivify patriotism amongst youth.
What ElBaradei can bring to Egypt goes beyond becoming a force in the country's frequently dodgy elections -- he would need to revivify the political process in the country.
Rattle was brought in to revivify the venerable Berlin Philharmonic, and on the evidence seems to have done just that; this repertoire is right up the orchestra's traditional alley, but Rattle brings a special playfulness and vigor to the proceedings.
It will not end the debate but it will revivify it.
Dialogue between religion and ecology can revivify rituals and symbols in light of the current environmental crisis.