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Abbas says that this falls far short of fulfilling Palestinian terms for revivifying the peace process.
The Revivifying Word: Literature, Philosophy, and the Theory of life in Europe's Romantic Age.
In doing so, they contribute to enriching and revivifying the field of historical geography.
Fast-forward to the present, and drivers can now stroll into a 24-hour convenience store for a revivifying massage.
Not surprisingly, Anabelle gradually brightens Elvis' dreary life with her own sort of revivifying life force.
The "Phillips Curve" supposedly showed that the government could manipulate a tradeoff between unemployment and inflation: By increasing inflation, the Fed could give the economy a revivifying jolt that would create jobs.
It was only a matter of time before revivalists turned their attention to revivifying folk song and its ritual context in villages that are now largely peopled by older women.
Reimer has been a leading proponent of reintroducing and revivifying the central role of democratic theory in American political discourse his The Revival of Democratic Theory of 1962 is now a classic of its kind.
By the time I was spewed back out into the car park I was dizzy with it all and didn't even have time for a revivifying visit to the cafA.
Most of the time Newgrange hides its light under a bushel, but with seasonal clockwork it trades underworld darkness for revivifying sunlight that penetrates Mother Earth and rebirths the spirits within her.
We believe that MPs should therefore be able to call on the stimulation and refreshment of a revivifying tea and coffee service for the duration of such committees.
and remind] us of uplifting, revivifying, and unifying seminal truths.