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Completely obliterating and revivifying at the same time.
All functional, managerial considerations give way before this insistence on the primacy of suffering love in Balthasar's view of the faith, and just so, Balthasar is credited with revivifying the idea of a Christian aesthetic more than any other modern theologian.
In chapter 3 Fruhauf discusses the important place of the organ in the Jewish Reform movement, which aimed at modernizing and revivifying religious practice through such changes as abbreviating the liturgy, introducing sermon-like lectures and, in many cases, incorporating choral and congregational singing and the organ into the service.
Abbas says that this falls far short of fulfilling Palestinian terms for revivifying the peace process.
folks who are making stuff and doing things in the city's center, and their ideas for revivifying the area will probably get us further than all the Tasers we can buy.
Jimmy feels his anger is earned, and he also feels that it can be a revivifying force in lifeless environments commonly found in England of the time.
Fast-forward to the present, and drivers can now stroll into a 24-hour convenience store for a revivifying massage.
Donne acknowledged that his alchemist might "by the way" on his futile quest produce something valuable and revivifying.
The "Phillips Curve" supposedly showed that the government could manipulate a tradeoff between unemployment and inflation: By increasing inflation, the Fed could give the economy a revivifying jolt that would create jobs.
Reimer has been a leading proponent of reintroducing and revivifying the central role of democratic theory in American political discourse his The Revival of Democratic Theory of 1962 is now a classic of its kind.
By the time I was spewed back out into the car park I was dizzy with it all and didn't even have time for a revivifying visit to the cafA.
Edwards had invited Whitefield to preach at Northampton in 1740 and was impressed by his success in revivifying the spirits of the congregation.