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Doctrinally, the oblique action and the revocatory action had
The heir's action, characterized in French doctrine as an "action en declaration de simulation," resembles the revocatory and oblique actions, in the sense that it grants rights to third persons not parties to a challenged transaction.
The long struggle about whether there would be a revocatory referendum against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has ended, and the Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE), the national electoral authority, has set a date of Aug.
1 to support a revocatory referendum, which could mean new presidential elections.
1, various civil-society groups formed the Frente de Defensa de la Patria, which plans to call for a revocatory referendum on Gutierrez's presidency.
12, the newly appointed Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE) ruled that the signatures collected by Chavez's opposition could not be used to call a revocatory referendum (see NotiSur, 2003-09-05).
4 million signatures in support of the revocatory referendum are needed, and, if a referendum is then held, at least 3.