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To annul or make void by recalling or taking back; to cancel, rescind, repeal, or reverse.

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v. to annul or cancel an act, particularly a statement, document, or promise, as if it no longer existed. Thus, a person can revoke a will or revoke an offer to enter into a contract, and government agency can revoke a license. (See: revocation)

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Roque said the President should comply with the constitutional requirement of reporting to Congress the need to extend martial law within 48 hours, days before the Sona to enable lawmakers to 'digest' the report and decide whether or not to revoke it.
If we feel factual basis is no longer there, we can also revoke. Malinaw sa wordings ng Saligang Batas,' he added.
He said India cannot revoke Indus Water Treaty unilaterally.
* If a taxpayer wants to revoke a section 1033 election, a designation on a previously filed return may be a roadblock.
In some instances, the buyer is granted the right to revoke his original acceptance of the goods.
This is an extremely hard prohibition to overcome, as it would seem the only reason (with the possible exception of administrative burden) to revoke a Sec.
Global Banking News-12 November 2008-Russia revokes licences of three more banks(C)2008 ENPublishing -
15, 1999, such as a calendar-year partnership, may revoke that election for transfers or distributions after Dec.