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When a consul named Drusus, who had been pushing to extend citizenship to non-Roman Italians, was assassinated, the Italian cities formed a league and revolted against Rome.
United we stand a nation at war with itself to rule the world the land of the free must first be won people becoming one unknowingly with the encroaching darkness world mourning taken in terror fear the weapon of choice in a war with social control the goal set up to take the towers down war on sold-out citizens for one turban plant the stars and stripes own the oil disguising a war on people as a war on plants it's all about the oil prisons with a factory next door it's about the money poisons the power complacence total control the prize be revolted revolted revolt
And this freedom did not come from any sort of elite inspired charity or sense of civic humanism applied to the contado; the peasants in the mountain villages successively revolted against and negotiated with the Florentine state.