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Thanks to a flexible and easily adoptable scheme for participants, we can accelerate the mobile WiMAX deployment and marketing so that people can enjoy the benefits of fast, revolutionarily new, and more cost-effective data communications.
In some extreme formulations, one need not learn or do anything specific inside a networked, electronic virtual space--simply experiencing the electronic textual medium is enough to liberate a conventional textual reader and to transform that reader into something revolutionarily new and strange: "Because electronic hypertexts are written and read in distributed cognitive environments," Hayles writes, "the reader necessarily is constructed as a cyborg, spliced into an integrated circuit with one or more intelligent machines.
So he believed both in communist ideals, and absolutely, but also in the idea that he could create revolutionarily vertiginous theatre with two headlights that the actors would keep rejigging during the performance.
Instead, he finds that the notion of a "case history" emerges as a revolutionarily scientific step "that allowed otherwise silent individuals to discuss their sexuality.
Its underlying aim was, and is, to break out of a self-contained system of legal values which are either unchanging or change only mystically, revolutionarily, or at the hands of legislators unguided by legal scholars' critiques and suggestions.
In all, fascinating stuff that illuminates the sacrifice, courage and, sometimes, just dumb luck that went into creating our country and its revolutionarily fair political system.
However, it is not merely the fact that microfinance organizations give loans to low-income entrepreneurs that microfinance organizations have been able to garner such revolutionarily high repayment rates.
The book ends with a Jamesian argument to the effect that we are justified in believing (for moral-prudential reasons) that science will revolutionarily progress indefinitely.
Innovatively and even revolutionarily bringing better user experience violates this business logic.
Venture X is a revolutionarily designed office space created for today's professionals of all industries.
com/prnh/20130307/600769 Qualcomm's RF360 design is changing the entire mobile RF industry revolutionarily.
Certainly, both authors are fascinated with a particular practice of telling history, a "materialist historiography" that challenges linear "historicism," constellates past and present moments, attends to economic and political structures, makes heard the voices of the disempowered, and conceives of their capacity to act historically and revolutionarily.

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