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A closer analysis of institutional effects on economic performance when such institutions are formed revolutionarily suggests that this impact is often non-linear, which is consistent with hypothesis 2(b).
Chief Minister said that record legislation has been made with focus on safeguarding interests and rights of the poor masses including RTI, RTS, CoI, EC as well as all sectors including education and health were reformed revolutionarily to make institutions bound to deliver and become subservient to the people and not the VIPs.
Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis will revolutionarily improve the level of cultural industry in Qingdao, greatly upgrade the level of tourism in Qingdao, and even transform Qingdao's positioning to turn it into a city of global film and television cultural tourism," developer Wang Jianlin said.
Instead of using these folk stories to support the standard teaching of obedience to the powers, South Korean Christians could also recognize that the main characters in the stories are not merely being obedient, but are often acting in ways that are revolutionarily subordinate.
Importantly, there was the New Communist Movement (NCM) that developed in an effort to revolutionarily transform the United States from what it was to what it was imagined it could be.
The MP4-12C GT3 sets itself apart with the revolutionarily lightweight MonoCell, a carbon fibre chassis which is made in a single pressing and is not to be found in any other GT3 car.
She said that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto started revolutionarily programmes for the welfare as well as social and economic betterment of poor people and labourers.
8) Facebook as such represents a revolutionarily minimalist notion of information flow.
Ndlovu on his own part is too revolutionarily brainwashed to conceive of an alternative to the revolutionary path of the liberation struggle and curses himself for failing to make Bongani the ardent revolutionary disciple that he is.
Finally, the business may not fail revolutionarily, however, it will eventually fail in some manner.
In a third and final view, Thaksin is incidental to Thailand's current, revolutionarily unfamiliar circumstances.
142) This one woman's Christian faith revolutionarily affected her culture.

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