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On that occasion, Cook's Court was in a manner revolutionized by the new inscription in fresh paint, PEFFER AND SNAGSBY, displacing the time-honoured and not easily to be deciphered legend PEFFER only.
Whole communities are fast being revolutionized through the instrumentality of these men and women.
But now, the few words luckily or unluckily heard in passing had wholly revolutionized my ideas respecting her: now I looked upon her as hypocritical and insincere, a flatterer, and a spy upon my words and deeds.
I don't think you have read ten pages of Spencer, but there have been critics, assumably more intelligent than you, who have read no more than you of Spencer, who publicly challenged his followers to adduce one single idea from all his writings - from Herbert Spencer's writings, the man who has impressed the stamp of his genius over the whole field of scientific research and modern thought; the father of psychology; the man who revolutionized pedagogy, so that to-day the child of the French peasant is taught the three R's according to principles laid down by him.
Dwight Carlson and his team at Perceptron revolutionized automotive vehicle production back in the 1980s when they brought the gauging systems used to measure bodies-in-white on line in assembly plants.
The company's software is recognized as having revolutionized the "desking" process for many of the largest and most profitable dealer groups in the world.