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Video support in Flash Lite will revolutionize the way users engage with mobile content and open up new revenue opportunities for developers worldwide," said Al Ramadan, senior vice president for Mobile and Device Solutions at Adobe.
The combination of Migo software and the U3 smart drive computing platform is going to revolutionize the personal computing landscape because it improves the way mobile information is securely stored, carried and accessed," said Kate Purmal, chief executive officer of U3.
The new version revolutionizes the administration of the diverse Web analytics needs found within an enterprise, and introduces new advanced custom reporting capabilities for both the enterprise's most sophisticated users and most casual users.
Evoxis Incorporated, based in Pittsburgh, revolutionizes the delivery of time-sensitive, actionable and customized information.
Design Team Emulation, is a solution not only for verification specialists, but also revolutionizes the usage of emulation to the entire development team -- system, hardware, software, and verification engineers.
VanGuard revolutionizes the delivery of assessments to K-12 and higher education institutions.
Where Musini revolutionizes the way children make music, Phonics Tiles revolutionizes they way they'll learn to read.
Automatic Composition Import revolutionizes the workflow process used by Avid system editors and graphic designers who import projects into Adobe After Effects 5.
Numoda Corporation has invented mobile wireless technology that revolutionizes the process of collecting, managing and custom reporting data.
VoCarta, Datria's flagship product, is a suite of software products that revolutionizes the convergence of voice-to-data technology that is easily implemented for interactive mobile computing.
MD Transcribe, released July 2000, revolutionizes basic transcription by offering a 24-hour service at just 9 cents per line.
Providing a new set of tools for Web sites that increase customer satisfaction and retention, Navixo's cutting edge technology revolutionizes Internet navigation and presents exciting business opportunities for its business partners.