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The panel addressed the various aspects revolving around content for the Arab world from creation and implementation to funding and broadcasting.
Most of the issues revolving around monastic life in the Reformation can be seen "close-up and personal" in this book, which combines thorough research, a well-sketched context, and a story of personal lives and grand religious themes.
Their guilt was openly and consistently expressed, revolving around themes such as remorse and making amends for bad behavior.
At Incentive, Cohen will help oversee coverage and events revolving around Incentive's 100th anniversary celebration, which kicked off in June and will continue through June 2005.
Mumbai, June 5 (ANI): A new film revolving around the life of a young girl, who is friends with Lord Hanuman, is all set to woo the audiences.
These are powerful supernatural anime mysteries: Volume 2 revolves around a search for clues to D'Eon's sister's murder which lie in her life in the king's court's underworld of sorcery; Volume 3 provides darker political insights and intrigue revolving around secret sorcerers and danger.
Andre Carrilho provides appealing black and white drawings to spice a series of fun stories revolving around exaggeration and humor, from a little old lady who outwits Jesse James to a professional liar.
Fans of military space opera will relish another new Mike Resnick title packed with action and adventure; this revolving around a starship's fight in a galactic war, where its crew is made up of novices and new recruits.
95) receives James Warwick's smooth and dramatic style as it presents a Tommy & Tuppence mystery revolving around the two's involvement in an international detective agency.
Stronger in characterization than in plot and a great choice for discussions revolving around industry, humanity, and civilization, this novel is recommended for literary SF readers.
Revolving around a fascinating protagonist named Calvin Pope (Bryan Hennessey), and featuring some of Newfoundland's finest acting talents, it is an offbeat, incisive and witty look at urban life in the 1990s on The Rock.
EarthLink is truly living up to its motto of revolving around its customers," said Matt Moynahan, Vice President, Consumer Products and Solutions, for Symantec.