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Had the apples of Sodom turned to ashes in my mouth, I could not have felt a more startling revulsion.
Blunt mere talking with extreme fluency and I even caught the individual words, but I could not in the revulsion of my feelings get hold of the sense.
After the lapse of half an hour, at the very utmost, it flags -- fails -- a revulsion ensues -- and then the poem is, in effect, and in fact, no longer such.
That had something to do with it, but what had still more was the fact that during my sleep a very odd revulsion had taken place in my spirit.
The revulsion, for our friend, had become, before he knew it, immense - this drop, in the act of apprehension, to the sense of his adversary's inscrutable manoeuvre.
Martin's feelings had undergone a complete revulsion.
In a sudden revulsion of mood, and almost without knowing what he did, he signed to the florist to lay the roses in another long box, and slipped his card into a second envelope, on which he wrote the name of the Countess Olenska; then, just as he was turning away, he drew the card out again, and left the empty envelope on the box.
Then, as he was going to advance again, he checked himself, not from the fear that he was doing her injustice, but from a sense of the danger of appearing unbecomingly exhilarated by this sudden revulsion from cautious criticism.
We sat down together, there on the grass, and the revulsion of feeling was so great that really I think we cried with joy.
Otter with her respectability, Ruth Chalice with her affectations, Lawson and Clutton with their quarrels; he felt a revulsion from them all.
she thought at such moments, with a feeling of revulsion against herself.
The revulsion was so strong and painful in Dorothea's mind that the tears welled up and flowed abundantly.