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I am rich enough to reward them from mine own wealth,'' answered Cedric.
Happy the blest ages that knew not the dread fury of those devilish engines of artillery, whose inventor I am persuaded is in hell receiving the reward of his diabolical invention, by which he made it easy for a base and cowardly arm to take the life of a gallant gentleman; and that, when he knows not how or whence, in the height of the ardour and enthusiasm that fire and animate brave hearts, there should come some random bullet, discharged perhaps by one who fled in terror at the flash when he fired off his accursed machine, which in an instant puts an end to the projects and cuts off the life of one who deserved to live for ages to come.
Yet will I point out Robin to you for the reward I find at my sword's point.
When you find her I will tell you," he said, "if you will promise to spare my life and divide the reward with me.
When first the Fairy placed it there, she had been pleased with her new gift, and for a while obeyed the fairy bell, and often tried to win some fragrance from the flower, by kind and pleasant words and actions; then, as the Fairy said, she found a sweet reward in the strange, soft perfume of the magic blossom, as it shone upon her breast; but selfish thoughts would come to tempt her, she would yield, and unkind words fell from her lips; and then the flower drooped pale and scentless, the fairy bell rang mournfully, Annie would forget her better resolutions, and be again a selfish, wilful little child.
The men and the ships he knew how to lead lovingly to the work of courage and the reward of glory have passed away, but Nelson's uplifting touch remains in the standard of achievement he has set for all time.
What reward shall be meted to John Carter in accordance with the acts he has committed?
It became particularly animated toward the end of the evening when the rewards bestowed by the Emperor were mentioned.
People often do a good deed without hope of reward, but for an evil deed they always demand payment.
The native further told Tarzan that the white man who had led the recent expedition had promised them a fabulous reward if they would kill the white devil.
The King, my husband, shall reward thee, Sir Knight, if you but tell me your name.
One thousand pounds' reward for the apprehension of the murderer of either Hamilton Fynes or Richard Vanderpole