reward for service

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Only diocesan priests over the age of 65 will be eligible to receive the title, which is an honorific of sorts normally granted to clerics as a reward for service to the church or as a sign of some special function they serve in church governance.
It's time we scrapped the House of Lords, ridiculed the greedy men in ermine and threw the whole honours process in the bin because it's nothing to do with reward for service to the community or worthiness - it's all to do with vanity, money and nepotism.
Members of the power structure-magistrates, office holders-on the other hand, often received land as a reward for service and loyalty.
Under the proposals, the highest reward for service to the country could be a knighthood.
1 /PRNewswire/ -- For a token of security, a reward for service or an investment in the future this holiday season, says William Sokolin, give a rare wine instead of stock.
Those companies that pay salary alone may tend to view severance cash more as a reward for service than as a way to keep employees economically whole.