reward for service

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and was going forward with plans for a border wall, he and the Department of Defense will not disallow noncitizens from serving the military or hindering possible citizenship as a reward for service.
Only diocesan priests over the age of 65 will be eligible to receive the title, which is an honorific of sorts normally granted to clerics as a reward for service to the church or as a sign of some special function they serve in church governance.
It's time we scrapped the House of Lords, ridiculed the greedy men in ermine and threw the whole honours process in the bin because it's nothing to do with reward for service to the community or worthiness - it's all to do with vanity, money and nepotism.
The opportunity to add value in terms of recruitment and retention incentives and reward for service and loyalty, combined with good corporate governance practice, means that this area is now being considered by regional companies as well as those from multi-national backgrounds who have a long experience of offering corporate pension style benefits."
Members of the power structure-magistrates, office holders-on the other hand, often received land as a reward for service and loyalty.
Instead of being a reward for service, helping veterans find their way in civilian life and "catch up" with their peers who did not serve, the benefits now are simply "part of the remuneration package" given to members of the all-volunteer force.
If the social norm of tipping exists in a society as a (partial) reward for service, the amount of the tip should be predictable by neo-classical economic theory.
Under the proposals, the highest reward for service to the country could be a knighthood.
29, 1933 by President Abelardo Rodriguez as a reward for services given to Mexico and its citizens by foreigners.
She must see it could look like a reward for services rendered.
We all know of former government ministers and advisers who get a seat in the Lords as a reward for services rendered.
This is the day when all the little guys get their reward for services rendered to the association at the grass roots.