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If not handled appropriately, rewarding utilization management may create risks and possibly invoke ethical questions.
As long as educators are aware of what the value-added system is supposed to be rewarding, and as long as that system rewards the desired outcomes more than it erroneously rewards something else, the system will help to elicit more of the desired outcomes--namely, improvements in student achievement.
Encouraging and rewarding cohesive community practices has now become urgent.
Rewarding productivity and simplicity would reduce costs, tension, weariness, frustration, and mistakes.
I'm a big advocate of rewarding people for things they want to do.
American Express today announced a series of special offers and bonus rewards programs exclusively for American Express(R) Cardmembers, making this year's tax season more rewarding than ever when using an American Express Card for personal tax payments.
We will go the extra mile to remind our customers that VIPCasino is all about the player, and the best way to say that is by rewarding them and by paying our winners as soon as possible.