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The appellate court will typically not reweigh the quality and caliber of evidence supporting a specific factual conclusion underlying the order appealed, so long as record evidence exists and is competent and substantial.
Request a reweigh if your pre-move survey estimate is more than your maximum allowance.
The court observed that it was not the court's function to reweigh the evidence or make its own credibility determinations.
Grocery Outlet has a repack facility attached to its warehouse in Sacramento that can reweigh and resticker products if needed.
I like to reweigh the remainder sample to calculate the total weight of defects to arrive at a percentage of defective beans.
To reweigh the teaching/research balance, says Sexton, even as freshmen, students will enroll in more than one class with an actively engaged Leader in the field--and by senior year, "a majority of a student's courses ought to be taught by such professors.
I knew for sure I'd got my four-pounder, but I had to reweigh it three times before I believed what I was seeing.
The Court also upheld the lower court's ruling that a jury could be permitted to reweigh the evidence concerning the reasonableness of the City's permit denial.
Then, when I was asked to reweigh, with a girth, I was one pound overweight.
The courts do not view their role as being one to substitute their judgment for that of the hospital's governing board or to reweigh the evidence regarding the termination of medical staff privileges.