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We strategically pack all the sun cream and, of course, weigh then reweigh to see if we can squeeze just one more pair of shoes or outfit in.
For all of FY11 and the first eleven months of FY12, the JPPSO-HI Witness Reweigh program has saved/avoided more than $1.
Then invert the tube into a rack, dip the rack into a 40[degrees]C beaker for 1 second, remove, and dry again thoroughly and reweigh.
The rationale for the taboo is that to reweigh is to review on the merits, to use the correctness standard, and thus reweighing is inappropriate if the legislative intent is that the court should deploy a reasonableness standard.
Simply put: Appellate courts should not reweigh evidence or decide where the preponderance of evidence lies.
It is not appropriate for the Court of Appeals to reweigh the evidence or speculate whether the evidence could support other factual findings," Landau wrote.
Petty Officer Parsons decided to offload the aircraft and reweigh all six pallets.
Towel dry, then put in 45[degrees]C oven for two hours to dry, and reweigh.
The appellate court will typically not reweigh the quality and caliber of evidence supporting a specific factual conclusion underlying the order appealed, so long as record evidence exists and is competent and substantial.
Request a reweigh if your pre-move survey estimate is more than your maximum allowance.