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They are created by screening the parent index constituents based on Dividend and Quality parameters and then reweighing the market capitalization weights of those constituents based on their dividend yield scores.
The rationale for the taboo is that to reweigh is to review on the merits, to use the correctness standard, and thus reweighing is inappropriate if the legislative intent is that the court should deploy a reasonableness standard.
Furthermore, the double handling of syringes in and out of nests for tare weighing and then reweighing after filling require more complex design and space than for vials which are freestanding, taking more time to develop.
Reweighing the shipment will not cause any increase in excess cost to you.
The MCs of the residual boron or fluoride rods in the treatment hole were also determined by weighing each rod, oven-drying the rod, and then reweighing.
The manufacturer shipped the compound in glass vials in nominal 1-mg quantities, and we had to dissolve the material in methanol without reweighing.
Examples of circuit court appellate decisions that have warranted certiorari review by a district court of appeal include orders dismissing an appeal for failure to timely serve a brief; (12) applying the incorrect law in granting appellate attorneys' fees; (13) applying the incorrect substantive law on review of a county court's decision in a criminal matters; (14) and reweighing the evidence presented to the lower tribunal.
This enables the use of existing data when reweighing freight and eliminates the need for additional hardware on the forklift to interface to the scale.
After reweighing, folded filters were placed on a clean sheet of aluminum foil and cut into 2-cm strips with a sterile scalpel.
In a sieving process it is not just the sieving time itself that has to be taken into consideration, but also the time required for preparing and weighing the sieves and then for reweighing and cleaning them.
Intravenous iron therapy: reweighing risk and reward.
These small variations were not thought to result from sampling differences because repeated reweighing of several reference samples also showed daily weight differences.