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Weight and nail distance were measured, and specimens relocated to the 95 percent conditioning chamber for 45 days prior to reweighing and remeasuring the distance between the nails.
Reweighing continued for a few days until reaching equilibrium swelling.
They are created by reweighing all parent index constituents based on the square root of their float-adjusted market capitalization weights.
Field moisture content was determined on representative 50-g subsamples by weighing, drying for 24-48h at 105[degrees]C, and reweighing.
After 24 h elapsed from the time seeds were provided, we collected all remaining seeds including spillage and stored it for reweighing.
Correction for weight change during the 24 hours, consisting primarily of water loss from produce and water gain by formulated diet, was determined by placing a bowl of food out for each diet type and reweighing each constituent part 24 hours later (according to Carciofi et a1 (23)).
SDDC reacted well at the origin terminal, surveying and reweighing each of the containers prior to shipment.
In contrast, the Court in Suresh, decided in the wake of 9/11, was captivated by the idea that when it comes to national security, state officials are omniscient; and so the Court proclaimed a taboo on reweighing.
These initiatives include steps to manage margins, overhead and inventory; initiating new pricing strategies and reweighing its market position.
Commodities prices including oil and gold took a hammering on US markets on Thursday due to a higher US dollar and the reweighing of risk by institutional investors, but analysts expect the upward price trend to resume.
Regular visits are made to the practice for reweighing and collection of the prescription diet.
Furthermore, the double handling of syringes in and out of nests for tare weighing and then reweighing after filling require more complex design and space than for vials which are freestanding, taking more time to develop.