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Second, the range, average, and standard deviation were calculated for the number of additional, revised, and reworded COPM goals identified following the elicitation module of PPA.
All 12 reworded motions, not 11 as has been reported, made the 5pm deadline for resubmission last Wednesday and they will have received their replies by 5pm Tuesday.
Options that simply reword the current legislation, or seek to maintain the status quo, will do nothing but condemn doctors to continue to suffer in silence.
Do not explain too much; restate your thought simply, rather than try to reword it.
What this abject sinner thinks may be irrelevant, and probably irreverent, but I see no urgent need to reword the Our Father.
But of course, students would be encouraged to reword their more pernicious is-of-identity and predication statements, just as they are encouraged to date or index other statements.
These remain with me today, even after those two fine gentlemen have passed on to their reword.
For this reason, it may be worthwhile to reword the standard joint check agreements, as shown at the end of this article.
So much of weight loss is in the mind that I'd like to reword this so it sounds more positive ( and easier to do.
It might seem appropriate to reword the old phrase "Life Reilly" as "Life of Robinson."
May I suggest that they reword their advert by saying something like ``you can have the odds advertised to a percentage of your stake,'' or alternatively, they could seek some advice from the real bookmakers at Rye House, Harlow or Sittingbourne, where you don't have a problem getting this type of bet on to your full stake.