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"The accused conspired to get a fabricated, reworded and edited version of the defamatory article to be published in place of the original version," he said.
First, three of the authors individually examined pre and post COPM goals to identify additional goals, changed goals, and reworded goals.
DPW employees will be covered under the terms of their last contract, under the reworded articles, until the new personnel plan is ready.
New chief executive Tom Harrison has abolished Downton's job description and will replace it with the slightly reworded 'director of England cricket'.
CVs and covering letters need to be tailor-made, checked and reworded according to each job description.
The final report of the 2014 Vatican Synod has been revised and as expected, the earlier remarks it had made on members of the LGBT community had been reworded to mean that such people remain unwelcome in the Catholic church.
A spokesman said: "The instruction to managers at the neighbourhood offices is incorrect and will be reworded to capture the true intent of the council."
The front matter details the coverage (quite broad and inclusive--including organizations that some might argue are not fully international); sources and reliability (including the fact that organizations' views of themselves are taken at face value); censorship (which the editors have tried to resist, although some entries have been reworded to respect the organization's concerns); and evaluation--which is left to the users.
Flight-3: 1st: Christian Trzebinski (68/88), 2nd: Maeve O'Tuama (76/105), 3rd: Joan Martin (77/108), Nicky Park losing on countback.Following the prize presentation, the crowd in the clubhouse confirmed again why they do not enter the Welsh National Voice Choir championships -- with a rousing version of a traditional song, reworded for local use: 'The 12 days of Awali'.Whilst singers sang the committee and main prize-winners acted the sentiments of the song, charades style.
The resolution was, however, reworded after the UK insisted it had made no threat.
Amendment No 1 tabled by Salvatore Tatarella (EPP, Italy) reworded the text to call for "the Commission proposal on energy efficiency to ensure, as soon as possible, the achievement of a 25% internal greenhouse gas reduction by 2020 through energy efficiency, consistent with a cost-effective pathway to the 2050 objective [...] and to move to a 30% climate target for 2020, if and when the conditions are right, as well as setting long-term targets to restore and give more emphasis to the incentives for innovation".
issue a final statement after some paragraphs were reworded and others were