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First, three of the authors individually examined pre and post COPM goals to identify additional goals, changed goals, and reworded goals.
Selectmen also reworded two articles about the 1835 Town Hall.
The newly reworded clause has evoked condemnation from all the Left parties, which have appealed to political parties in the country to oppose the clause in the national interest.
Other clauses, including overtime, sick leave and bereavement leave, have been reworded so the entitlements ore dear-for members.
After confusion over the definition of "formal day dress" last year, the Ascot authorities have reworded the dress code for women.
The roster of artists also included three recent graduates--sopranos Joni Henson and Virginia Hatfield and mezzo Megan Latham in the trio from Strauss's Der Rosenkavalier--and three graduating students--soprano Lucia Cesaroni, mezzo Kathleen Promane and baritone Philip Kalmanovitch--in a deftly reworded version of Noel Coward's "We'll meet again.
In return, you will be reworded with a package of 40k [pounds sterling]-45k [pounds sterling], a car, pension, laptop, Blackberry and private healthcare.
We have requested any reworded order is published in September after the holiday period is over".
Laura Hayes, a customer assistant at the Castle Street branch in Hinckley, sang a slightly reworded version of the Sound of Music classic, backed by seven other employees dressed as nuns.
090 on speedy trials, but reworded for clarity when the time begins to run.
Last week, I was pleasantly surprised that I could pick out three pieces of news that gladdened my heart: (1) gene therapy is making a headway in curing diseases; (2) a judge ruled Proposition R must be reworded on the November ballot so it does not mislead voters regarding term limits of City Council members; (3) after eating a meal of artery-clogging food, one can reduce the effect on our cholesterol by taking a long walk.
After heated exchanges and a 10- minute break the motion was reworded and debated.