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Force-controlled handling and placement throughout the entire rework process.
The addition of their rework systems also broadens our technical offerings.
We first consider the single-level process used by Nevins and Whitney (1989) in their discussion of the effect of recycling and rework.
Always buy reworks from a reputable shop to make sure that they conform to British Standards.
She claimed the company carried out this practice to ensure that complaints against doctors or reworks (mistakes in applications) were kept to a minimum.
Lead-free assembly and rework have narrowed the process window, and PCBs that would have been marginally acceptable before are now failing.
The result is less waste, rework and frustration, and greater employee and customer satisfaction.
A new line of microscope-based welding systems for mold repair cuts tool-replacement costs by creating longer lasting welds with less rework.
To control the quality of their products, the traditional manufacturers focused on the rework area; it occupied a considerable space at the end of the line, where a considerable number of workers performed the necessary inspections and rework, if need be.
In the production of cut-out pasta shapes such as farfalle and orecchiette, wet rework (dough strip trimmings after cutting-out) is obtained which may amount to as much as 50 percent of the extruded dough strip.