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According to the GST Council, the rate structure and its various provisions need to be reworked in order to restructure the system.
Altogether, the rework of these connectors was performed in ways that reflect how the connectors would be reworked on real products.
The best way to ensure electrochemical reliability of reworked solder joints is to use the right flux delivery system.
Of those units sent through the rework cycle, a fraction "w" can be reworked and "1-w" cannot be.
That said, some rework operators and engineers do revisit their rework data to identify a Pareto of consistently reworked defects, and therefore attempt to solve the up-the-line problems.
Table 4 illustrates the true cost of refinishing the reworked items on Day Two.
With the premiere of Reworked Swan Lake (Schwanensee Remixed) on December 12, 1999 in Vienna, an on-the-edge balance between classical and contemporary dance, the dance company of the Vienna Volksoper (Vienna's other opera house) demonstrated a stark change in its dance profile.
Note that the same setup is used for the test of both new and reworked parts.
The total amount of meat product reworked, reprocessed, cooked, and sold again comes to 1.
The costs of these units were not recouped until they had been reworked.
Solely based on the rework and no other improvements or technology, Titan expects $308,000 of combined oil and gas production revenue per month once all wells have been reworked and are online.
In addition, SAC 305 surface mount-soldered component test boards were reworked at the soldered chip component locations with Sn0.