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With several other high-speed press-fit connectors about to be introduced, there is a general need to evaluate the damage multiple reworks could cause.
Always buy reworks from a reputable shop to make sure that they conform to British Standards.
We report in this work the development of a rework method that uses local vapor phase technology to attach a large 14 x 120 receptacle connector.
Dr Young claimed statistics on complaints and reworks would have been monitored by the Department for Work and Pensions at the same time as Atos was attempting to secure a pounds 500 million seven-year contract, which it subsequently obtained.
The artist ironically reworks our fetishization of technology, while evoking the real fears tied to it.
OTCBB:TXEO), a Standard and Poor's listed company, is pleased to announce, that it has successfully completed the initial rework phase for the Brookshire Property, as part of its ongoing focus to increase production from its existing field operations.
Standard Pb-free boards would be reflowed only twice during the original assembly; it is unlikely four reworks would be performed on the same board.
Another two reworks will follow the well #11 within the present year.
REWORK tells how to succeed in business through a different path than other business books.
OTC Bulletin Board: NESS) announced today that gas well rework efforts in Parker County, Texas are ongoing: Ness has been successful in adding gas volume into the sales line at commercial levels.