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This decision to rewrite the examination in the Vhembe District was taken after it was confirmed that a copy of the 2015 National Senior Certificate examination paper for Life Sciences was circulated amongst some learners before the commencement of the examination.
Rewrite man wrote story about a burglar breaking into a front bedroom and frightening a girl sleeping in the middle bedroom.
As with the evaluation process, Flower and her colleagues (1986) identify Rewrite and Revise as two revision processes for dealing with detection and diagnosis of problems within written text.
a Roman Catholic Jesuit school, took another step to further the inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students this spring when it agreed to rewrite its welcoming statement of nondiscrimination.
After the season, Peter Farrelly received a Christmas card from Red Sox principal owner John Henry, saying, ``When I first read your script, I thought the ending was just so-so, so I worked to get you a rewrite.
4x DVD+R DL, 4x rewrite DVD+RW, 16x read DVD-ROM), but also in CD creation (40x write CD-R, 24x rewrite CD, 40x read CD-ROM) making it today's most versatile high-performance storage device integrated in standard PCs.
They've also looked into ways to write and rewrite information to dense, thermally stable materials--a major challenge because of the large magnetic fields currently required.
Caroline Rody's The Daughter's Return importantly links these two themes to provide a compelling examination of how recent African American and Caribbean women writers return to the past in order to rewrite it.
Intelligent SQL Rewrite and Built-in Simulation Capabilities
A CD-R (Compact Disc-Recordable) lets you write or burn files to a CD just once--you won't be able to erase it and rewrite new information, as you can with a CD-RW (hence the ReWritable part of the name).
When a computer program that can rewrite breaks into a computer equipped with Solaris, the program automatically copies itself and via the Internet is able to access different computers successively.