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My people rewrite five to seven stories five days a week.
However it happens, each one of these cases is another wall you hit, another reason to stop working for the day, and another obstacle that makes the whole endeavor seem less pleasant, diminishing your enthusiasm for the rewrite.
A rewrite man wrote a story about a man who was found hanged in the basement of his home.
Laser heating, in effect, weakens the magnetization so that researchers can write and rewrite on these materials using a smaller magnetic field.
2, BMC Software is introducing an extended SQL rewrite engine capable of evaluating tens of thousands of potential rewrites and recommending the most efficient SQL statement.
On a CD-RW, you'll find three sets of numbers: the first is the speed at which it writes data, the second is the speed at which it rewrites data, and the third tells you how fast it erases the information (for example, 8x/4x/32x).
But in Windows NT it can only rewrite a Web site and stops short of copying itself.
The DSAMS training module is expected to come on-line within the next two years and will require a major rewrite of the TMS software.
Sony, HP, and Teac offer SCSI and IDE/ATAPI drives (Teac offers a USB version too), but none can rewrite faster than 4X and, until recently, only SCSI drives could push rewrite speeds up even to 4X.
Second, after the application of a rewrite rule, the subterms in the reduct that are innermost with respect to the pattern at the right-hand side of the rewrite rule are known to be irreducible, which avoids repeated inspection of such structures.
The Tax Law Rewrite Committee's travails will take years to come to fruition.
For example, when you're updating a corporate brochure, the sections on products and markets may need a complete rewrite, but the section on technology may be perfectly fine.