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Query Rewriter rewrites the received request constrained by privacy preference for its host.
Kendall, who has two sons and one stepdaughter, said as far as letter-writing goes, he's a good rewriter.
World's fastest Blu-ray Rewriter makes its Middle East debutLG unveils next generation optical storage devices
The section presents Dante both as reader and rewriter of classical and biblical texts and Dante being read and rewritten by modern authors--a practice that testifies to the extraordinary nature of his work.
You only ever hear about the people they didn't get on with, but they loved their mum, '' the great rewriter of history will tell us.
Nancy Lee admits she is an obsessive rewriter who has spent four or five years working on Dead Girls in one way or another.
a DVD player, CD Rewriter and a standalone MP3 CD Player in one.
I could keep my council documents on five computer disks but my rewriter is sitting idle.
Storage peripheral manufacturer LaCie has revealed the new LaCie Fusion CD rewriter.
Unless a ruthless director and a ruthless rewriter get hold of it, this is one I can hardly wait to miss.
In addition, TDK's burner introductions include the company's first slim portable CD ReWriter, a 24X model with IEEE-1394 connectivity.
He posits, in fact, two ways in which the historian can work: either as an eyewitness of the events to be related, or as a synthesizer and rewriter of things reported by others.