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The weakest part of Goodacre's study is the attempt to explain Luke's supposed rewriting of Matthew's sermon.
With current technology, rewriting bits on these materials requires an impractically large magnetic field.
Rewriting constitutions is gaining popularity in Latin America, but perhaps nowhere is the trend as prevalent as in Peru.
But in contrast to African American writers who position the mother-figure "at the foundation of historical memory," the challenging task of rewriting a past shaped by both slavery and colonization leads Caribbean writers to represent the "mother-of-history" more as a "mother-of-forgetting.
Louis Cha Leung-yung - who writes under the pseudonym Jin Yong - is rewriting 14 of his best-selling martial arts novels.
A rewriting program can also infiltrate computers equipped with Windows NT operating system developed by Microsoft Corp.
Chapters 2, 3, and 5 pair texts together to demonstrate how one author's rewriting of the other, "authoritative" text illustrates a convergence of anti-patriarchal prodigality, fantasy, femininity, and originality.
Rewriting has always been the slowpoke compared to write-once recording.
While blank 8x high performance CD-R discs are widely available in the marketplace, Yamaha and other leading manufacturers have introduced a new breed of 8x rewritable media, capable of reliable 8x rewriting at a cost only slightly higher than quality 4x certified CD-RW media.
But rewriting was like sharpening a pencil: We wanted to go deeper into this one girl, and we realized she was going to fall in love, With her best friend, And then with another girl.
Rewriting the tax code is like painting the Forth Bridge.
If you have trouble rewriting the sentence, just ask yourself, "Who did the main action here?