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Prime Minister Modi has accepted the demand for rewriting history," Bose told ANI here.
It is this story of two parallel struggles to know, one in the past and one in the present about the past, that forms the core of Rewriting Magic.
Rewriting stories by the dozen greatly offends my sensibilities as a classically trained writer who cut his teeth on typewriters.
In order to respond to such requirements, the company has introduced a microcomputer series with mounted ReRAM, featuring low power consumption and high-speed rewriting. The first part of the series comes in 16 models which feature a wide variety of peripheral functions, such as built-in LCD display control, high precision 12-bit AD converter, clock function, etc.
Next, Plate calls attention to the paradox suggested by the metaphor of writing as stealing--"stealing" as integral to the creative process yet also immoral and punishable by law (68)--in order to examine the issues of property and legitimacy raised by women's rewriting. Focusing on two recent cases of alleged plagiarism, Pia Pera's Lo Diary (1995) and Alice Randall's The Wind Done Gone (2001), she argues that the reception of these texts as "derivative" and of their authors as literary upstarts reveals the contending forces (economic, artistic, political, and ideological) that shape cultural memory (67).
Long enough that it will make you put off other tasks you should be attending to, which you probably should've done prior to, or instead of, any rewriting at all.
''The constitutional rewriting is for the nation's future and to enable the president to manage state affairs in a responsible manner,'' Roh said in a nationally televised news conference.
argues that much of the expository and synthetic work on the Common Doctor since Aeterni Patris essentially constitutes a rewriting. However, he does not aim merely to demonstrate that this rewriting has resulted in misrepresentations of Aquinas, but that the type of rewriting that is more concerned with corroborating Aquinas's privileged status or with galvanizing ecclesiastical authority fails "to notice that his rhetorical forms demand reflective and inventive rewriting" (191).
The office is also setting up a Similar committee to deal with rewriting Academic Competitiveness Grants rules.
* Rewriting the specifications: I had to rewrite the specifications, to be more acceptable to all parties involved.
The New York City zoning authorities have been dynamically rewriting zoning ordinances over the past five years, creating new waterfront neighborhoods, as well as protecting existing residential communities from higher density development.
Aptly subtitled "The Poetics of Disalienation," Zoggyie's excellent study offers a very updated rendering of the problematic issue of identity construction in the Afro-Hispanic diaspora, addressing related topics such as the rewriting of history, the linguistic barriers or the creation of an African space, a locus amoenus in the author's words, which allegedly helps to interpret Zapata Olivella's and Wilson's intentions in writing the aforesaid novels.