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Socrates lays the foundation for the technical account when he assumes that Ion's rhapsodic skill constitutes a techne.
Leftist writers on Benjamin, such as Terry Eagleton, also prefer for that reason to pass over his rhapsodic and messianic pronouncements and winnow out a more respectably socialist figure.
Derrida, on the other hand, reunites the notions of truth and play in his remarks on Nietzsche's Spurs, suggesting that 'such a play can only be fully understood within the context of the opposition between the supposed rigor of scientific discourse and the rhapsodic mode of Plato's and Nietzsche's writing' (29).
Chapter 2 engages in what the author identifies as a Nietzschean overcoming of Platonism through a reading of the Phaedrus and special focus on the rhapsodic moments of the speech giving.
Pianist William Ness navigated the challenging scale passages with ease and gave a spacious and elegant reading of the rhapsodic introduction to the second movement.
Jordan's tempi were also erratic, and only in the more rhapsodic moments--such as the final scene--did he excel.
The afterglow of the Olympic Trials in Eugene must be impressive considering the rhapsodic writings in the R-G last week.
These characteristics are no better displayed than in the composer's First Symphony, where the opening movement begins with a mysterious "Awakening of Day" or Spring or whatever, followed by fanfares and then several lush and rhapsodic, if rustic, melodies, leading to a Funeral March that only Mahler would have dared, part parody, part wistful musing, and entirely peculiar.
Wojtyla was one Of the founders of Poland's Rhapsodic Theater, or "Theater of the Word.
The reviews were rhapsodic, and the production played to sold-out houses for five months.
Here we shall not expect or find any great swings away from rhapsodic subjective expression--for which the viola seems so ideal.
ACTOR-SUPPORTING: Wax rhapsodic about the bizarre career path nominee and former unlikely teen idol Jackie Earle Haley has taken: "I'm really pulling for him.