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Socrates lays the foundation for the technical account when he assumes that Ion's rhapsodic skill constitutes a techne.
Directed by Marita Stocker, the film captures King's rhapsodic musings on his company and dancers, plus footage of class and rehearsals at the LINES Dance Center.
The concert began with Uros Krek's Rhapsodic Dance and included Bartok's Romanian Folk Dances and the splendid soundscape of Respighi's Pines of Rome, complete with tuba band in the galler y.
Not only is Westhelle a profound ecclesiologist, but he also has a rhapsodic, poetic way of writing; he invites us to consider new metaphors from which to see the identity and mission of the church.
The rhapsodic recitations were so popular that--as one can read in Xenophon's Symposium--Niceratus' father is said to have listened to rhapsodic performances every day.
Artists and critics wax rhapsodic about Blinky Palermo, but a deep understanding of his work is only beginning to emerge.
Arriving by car, Byron's progress began with a rhapsodic first glimpse of the ensemble of buildings lining the great axis of King's Way, terminated by Lutyens' famous Viceroy's House, with its mammarian dome, rooftop fountains and chattris inspired by the 16th-century Mogul capital of Fatehpur Sikhri.
Principally, Statkiewicz has in mind the rhapsodic mimesis that he attributes to poetry and sees operative as a fundamental but actively and unfairly subordinated principle in the Western philosophical tradition.
Moving at a languid, but still thoroughly engaging pace, the book ends with a feverish reverie by the Dons servant, which is then upstaged by the melancholic innkeeper's remarkably rhapsodic monologue.
Plus an absolutely rhapsodic, sou s lful, piano-led climax from the t main man.
The rhapsodic and gentle slow movement led to a sparkling finale in which Thibaudet played with considerable panache.