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His topics include cross-disciplinary perceptions of Baudrillard and rhetoric; his art of appearance: the construction of perceptual appearance; symbolic exchange and rhetorical invention; appearing as aphorist: Baudrillard, writing, and theory; appearing as ignoramus: Baudrillard, Susan Sontag, Ferdinand de Saussure, and rhetoric; and rhetoric, invention, and symbolic exchange.
Critique: Extensively researched and analytically presented, Rhetoric and Writing Studies in the New Century is a "must-have" resource for advanced students and prospective instructors in the field.
The result underscores the importance of archetypal metaphors in transcending national boundaries and studying intercultural rhetoric.
Bellicose rhetoric has long been part of North Korea's international communication, but the combination of menacing words and capabilities to actuate the corresponding threats is new for long-range or nuclear attacks.
What we need to do is re-examine the powerful rhetoric of political Islam and how and why it is that such rhetoric is still being produced by certain social and political entities.
Reinventing the notion of rhetoric, Dirty Rhetoric offers users a comprehensive and easy-to-understand list of techniques that writers and presenters can use to not only be more persuasive but more memorable and ear-catching as well.
The Prospect of Presidential Rhetoric (College Station, TX: Texas A&M University Press, 2008).
Rhetoric defines what is proper to all conditions and walks of life, and this includes what befits a woman and a man as well as how to address audiences of both genders.
He asks why rhetoric is so important, compares rhetoric and English studies, particularly rhetoric and composition, analyzes power and argumentation, and handles framing, multilingual rhetoric, rhetorical poetics, theater, multimodality and the digital age, education, and the future of rhetoric.
Raphael Lyne's Shakespeare, Rhetoric and Cognition argues that Renaissance rhetoric can be considered a kind of cognitive science, and that Shakespeare's language particularly exemplifies the intimate connection between rhetoric and cognition.
Historically, what we now call the profession of public relations was the practice of rhetoric.
Vico and the Transformation of Rhetoric in Early Modern Europe, by David L.