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Among them are theorizing black power in prison: the writings of George Jackson and Angela Davis, from farmworker to cultural icon: Cesar Chavez's rhetorical crusade, finding feminism's audience: rhetorical diversity in early second-wave feminist discourse, making and unmaking political mischief: trickster influences in the rhetorical humor of the 1960s, and extremism in the defense of liberty: the counter-cultural rhetoric of Barry Goldwater's 1964 acceptance speech.
In light of this, the focus of this article is the analysis of how the priest uses rhetorical questions, and what data tells us about when they are used and why they are used.
Text + Field: Innovations in Rhetorical Method, University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2016, 240 pp.
Included among them were first-rate pieces like "An Historical Materialist Theory of Rhetoric" (7), "Rhetoric after Deconstruction" (4), "Modernity as a Rhetorical Problem" (1), and "Coping with Modernity: Strategies of 20th-Century Rhetorical Theory" (0).
Their topics include the origins of rhetoric in the democracy of ancient Greece, Aristotle's rhetorical theory, the rhetorical theory of the mature Cicero with synopses of his major rhetorical works, and Quintilian's place in Roman rhetorical and educational theory with a synopsis of his Institutio oratoria.
a tool for acting on other objects of attention" as it is in other academic contexts; therefore, "the rhetorical situations of FYC courses around the country do not mirror the multiple, diverse, and complex rhetorical situations found across the university in even the most basic ways.
The editorial collaboration of Elizabeth A Flynn, Patricia Sotirin and Ann Brady, "Feminist Rhetorical Resilience" is a 268-page compendium comprised of seven essays arising from papers submitted to the Fifth Biennial International Feminism and Rhetoric Conference.
The Improbability of "Othello": Rhetorical Anthropology and Shakespearean Selfhood.
As one of those theorists, I would like to use my brief space to address what he calls "the need for a rhetorical and ethical perspective on analyses of social minds.
240 Turkish students of EFL who had Persian as their second language were assigned to two groups (experimental and control) controlled for language proficiency with only the former receiving instruction in rhetorical organization.
The world of information retrieval is revolutionized by the rhetorical structure theory because it improvised the performance of search engines by introducing the semantic based retrieval, hence, reducing the irrelevant search to its minimum.
The Rhetorical Power of Popular Culture: Considering Mediated Texts.