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Hobbs); "Optimal interpretation for rhetorical relations" (Henk Zeevat); "Modeling discourse relations by topics and implicatures: The elaboration default" (Ekatarina Jasinskaja); "The role of logical and generic document structure in relational discourse analysis" (Maja Barenfanger, Harald Lungen, Mirco Hilbert, and Henning Lobin); "Obligatory presupposition in discourse" (Pascal Amsili and Claire Beyssade); "Conventionalized speech act formulae: From corpus findings to formalization" (Ann Copesake and Marina Terkourafi); "Constraints on metalinguistic anaphora" (Philippe De Brabanter); and "Appositive Relative Clauses and their prosodic realization in spoken discourse: A corpus study of phonetic aspects in British English" (Cyril Auran and Rudy Loock).
This chapter is not a piece of critical-rhetorical reflection but a Lincoln-Bush-inspired rhetorical performance in its own right, complete with an easy dismissal of "the conscience of moral relativism" (p.
Their topics include the origins of rhetoric in the democracy of ancient Greece, Aristotle's rhetorical theory, the rhetorical theory of the mature Cicero with synopses of his major rhetorical works, and Quintilian's place in Roman rhetorical and educational theory with a synopsis of his Institutio oratoria.
The editorial collaboration of Elizabeth A Flynn, Patricia Sotirin and Ann Brady, "Feminist Rhetorical Resilience" is a 268-page compendium comprised of seven essays arising from papers submitted to the Fifth Biennial International Feminism and Rhetoric Conference.
The Improbability of "Othello": Rhetorical Anthropology and Shakespearean Selfhood.
As one of those theorists, I would like to use my brief space to address what he calls "the need for a rhetorical and ethical perspective on analyses of social minds.
Witherington follows his now familiar approach: he briefly describes the city's history, religion, and culture; gives date and occasion for the writing; identifies the rhetorical genre (in this case, epideictic); outlines the letter according to oratorical structure; and argues conservatively for the Pauline authorship and the integrity of both letters.
McCoy's study openly embraces the conclusion that Socrates employs rhetorical means of persuasion in the dialogues, and she suggests that we therefore instead locate his distinguishing feature elsewhere.
In this study, we propose a new rhetorical concept, "reversed silence," to conceptualize this emerging rhetorical practice among gay and lesbian populations in China.
Rhetorical Readings, Dark Comedies, and Shakespeare's Problem Plays.
Rhetorical and Scientific Aspects of the Nicomachean Ethics, CARLO NATALI
These questions," he says, "are real, not rhetorical, questions for me.