rhetorical presentation

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The uninterpreted quality of these fragments effectively creates a quiet memorial to a cultured man (friend of Genet, Pasolini, Moravia) and to the probable injustice of his murder that is more effective than any rhetorical presentation might have been.
One cannot take it all in at a single sitting, but one should not expect that from any well crafted rhetorical presentation. While those prepared in the dominant paradigm of communication or media studies may balk at the approach taken here, every graduate student in communication should wrestle with the book, even if (or especially if) one wishes to reject its reasoning.
The Park Superintendent made a rhetorical presentation with few details and a disregard for accurate information.
Less a scholarly rhetorical presentation, Stewart's writing is a record of what she finds.
As a Marxist, 'judging from a broadly socialist perspective', Eagleton is hostile to the way that postmodernism has presented its essentially conservative, introverted dogma with a spurious cloak of rhetorical presentation which implies it is 'radical' and 'subversive' when it is actually quite the opposite.
The literary character of Seneca's method has obscured his philosophical aims, Inwood believes, and he shows how this Stoic's rhetorical presentation and dialectical exploration of certain Platonic theses yield conclusions that Stoics and Platonists can agree upon, for instance, the primacy of reason or greatness of soul.
Craig Smith (2000) suggests that in rhetorical presentations, substantial identification, commonly employed by religious speakers, uses a shared substance to the speaker's advantage.