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He rhetorically said that the party's manifesto would now have words that call for elements to respect the vote of people.
Maryam rhetorically asked wasn't there any law to nab those who disrespected votes of the people.
How many of the people would be served contempt of court notices, she rhetorically asked.
He noted that women (most of them wives of male bishops) are expected to wear dressy hats and he asked rhetorically, "When in your life do you get the chance to wear a big, crazy hat?
Because, the author insightfully argues, the British Empire in Asia, and therefore the modern British nation, emerged from scandalous corruption and abuses of the colonized by its founders and practitioners, we must study how Britons of that day and how later historians rhetorically transferred the onus of scandal onto the colonized.
asked pretty, dark-haired Rachel Musquiz rhetorically.
Already organic growers have found themselves in a number of disputes with conventional producers seeking ways to rhetorically repackage their products without fundamentally changing how they do business with the earth.
Each of these had been transformed into a storefront display containing the artist's vision of one half of America's bifurcated political realm, pairing photographs that leaned rhetorically to the left or right with consumer goods and commercial signage.
Rhetorically, charter foes consistently fail to note that charters are public schools; charter proponents should not substantively make the same omission.
Rhetorically John is using accumulatio, a technique that Arthur Quinn "suggests to me a writhing mass of intertwined eels" (Figures of Speech [Salt Lake City: Gibbs M.