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Bilawal rhetorically asked the ousted premier to explain how did he reach at a point where he was vulnerable to disqualification as the premier of Pakistan.
He rhetorically said that the party's manifesto would now have words that call for elements to respect the vote of people.
Maryam rhetorically asked wasn t there any law to nab those who disrespected votes of the people.
How many of the people would be served contempt of court notices, she rhetorically asked.
And, when we want to challenge someone's honesty and integrity we call him "a used-car salesman" or ask rhetorically "would you buy a used car from this man?"
I suggest that, due to the double consciousness with which these students often live, they come into classrooms rhetorically adept.
Williams asked rhetorically "in what way" the ordination of women priests could "compromise the purposes of the church."
The People's Daily editorial asked rhetorically if obscene information or activities promoting terrorism would be allowed on the Internet in the U.S.
"What do people suggest my job description is for this year?" he asked rhetorically. "I knew questions would be asked about the decision, but what I haven't got is any more injuries.
Is it a sphere of influence, including Belarus?" he asked rhetorically.
"What do you think?" he answered rhetorically. (ANI)
Itwas in this context that he stated, rhetorically, "What's happened inMumbai can happen just aswell in Manchester or Hull." This suggests that such attacks are not impossible: It does not imply that they are imminent or even likely.